Your Weekend Forecast for July 27-29, 2012

It’s Going to be Hot and Steamy!

Fire (Leo Sun) and water (Scorpio Moon), what a mix! One thing is for sure, this weekend will start off steamy. So if you are looking for love or wanting to tighten up an existing relationship, this weekend is the weekend to do so. Saturday, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and really heats up the vibrations for good talks and lots of fun.


Having issues with your iPod, cell phone or tablet will drive you crazy. Pack up the stuff and get it all repaired. You are not one to go without communication or music. Check your messages as there will be a few calls you will not want to miss.


There is nothing wrong with your hearing; just a few dead batteries—an easy fix for you. You are going to be asked to contribute to a good cause, but you are really not in the mood. Force yourself to do the right thing; you will be happy you did.


All systems are a go, but you have way too much on your plate. “Delegate” is your mantra for this weekend. If you do it all yourself, there will be no energy left for Monday. Being straightforward will serve you best.


Feeling lazy is okay as you put in a hard week of work. However, there is much to do around the house, and you are just going to have to get up off it and get some work done. If you feel too tired to do the chores, perhaps a call to a house cleaning service will do the trick.


An old flame comes knocking on your door. This could be the moment you have waited for. Be sure to catch your breath and proceed with caution. Let’s face it, being burned once is enough. Listen to what is being said and be mindful of your response. This could go either way.


There is a project that you are called upon to facilitate. Who better than you to get the job done this weekend with enough time to have some fun with those you love? A good talk with your loved one proves to heighten the relationship.


Finding yourself in a quandary puts weight on your shoulders. Do not worry, the choices will become clear, and you will find happiness and peace of mind before this weekend is over.


Everyone knows there is a side to you that can be hard to deal with. This weekend keep that in mind so you do not hurt those you love. Think before you speak and act, especially if your buttons are being pushed.


By the end of the evening on Friday, you will have all your energy ready to go. An all nighter is very exciting. If you are at the casinos, play the tables not the slots. You have a weekend of good fortune ahead.


Being pushed to your limits last week leaves you wanting some peace and quiet Friday night. Get the rest you need, because Saturday through Sunday you are in for some good times. The love is overflowing, be it with family or that one special person. Enjoy.


People are calling, texting and blowing up your email. Answer them; there is an invitation to go sailing. Then you get to go for sushi at the new place in the neighborhood. Although you are sluggish, it will do you good to get out.


Too much fire brings your nerves to a boil. Stay close to home, and have your lover come over to keep you company. It is sure to be a steamy weekend, so keep the air conditioner on with cold drinks ready to serve.

24 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for July 27-29, 2012

  1. -quinn

    hi Ramesh pandey
    YOU WROTE >>>>Is there any method or act to do to change the fate,if yes than what should I do to achieve.<<<

    i know there are ways to change karma –
    by making good causes you can displace the old negative karma and clear out the old stale energy.
    and i think if you change your karma (for better or worse) is that not your fate?
    good question. very deep and spiritual.
    thank you for reading the weekend forecasts.

    thank you all for you taking the time to comment. i do read all the comments and i wish i could respond to you all –
    very thankfully,

  2. dejong banks

    im sad about my relationship i really thought this was the one but every time we argue or he leaves he goes back to his x or he may found someone new he never wants to do things with me or take me places i feel used

  3. Robert

    You know, I have been single and celibate for 9 1/2 years, l really want to know if I am going to find my life mate. My cell phone and IPad has been fine, still waiting for these calls.

  4. Debbie

    I am a Leo read my weekend forecast and am praying that an old flame contacts me. I have been struggling since our break up and want him back.

  5. I feel my husband became great after I found out he browse online dating website and chatting with ladies

    Daisy does worry if it will get worse again

  6. lisa A

    I Have a boyfriend that is the same sign as me pisces. the one thing i wory about is that we fight all the tme. my birthday feb 24 hes march 20. is is the rifgt man for me

  7. Shelly

    What happen to someone coming knocking on my door this has been a horrible night for me. When will the right man come into my life? Things have been off and on with a libra man.

  8. Stacey

    Hello Quinn, I have been struggling financially and emotionally with stress and being a single mom. Will I be financially stable soon, and is my boyfriend the right Guy for me, and will my eldest son be okay.

  9. -quinn

    hi everyone,
    thank you all for your comments. i wish i could anwser all your questions, but that is better done in a private reading, not in an open forum.

    fran – not sure what you mean by “angry”?
    natasha – thank you for your kind words.

    ~~~metta waves~~~

  10. Diana

    Im acapricorn , my boyfriend is a Libra , I want to know what is your vibes for us, if it’s good or not and I want to know if we have a chance for the future . Thanks so much, diana

  11. Kubsy

    I need the readings 2 prepare me 4 d day ahead.i really see them come 2 pass.though im yet 2 find my true love, im very optimistic i will find him very soon.U guys re doing a great job.pls keep it up!

  12. Randy

    A all nighter would surprise everyone I know because at my age that is unheard of. Besides that my life as a married man is over and I wouldn’to down that road for a pot of gold because it was just wind up costing 2.

  13. wesleyflett

    hello,quinn,how are you doing?i’m a scorpio,who’s not too familiar with the traits,that i have? i want you to send me,the list of traits,that i possess,i want to know,.thanks,& have a good one,..

  14. Doreen Peter

    Im a Leo , my boyfriend is a Taurus , I want to know what is your vibes for us, if it’s good or not and I want to know if we have a chance for the future . Thanks so much, doreen

  15. jean plaza

    am I ever going to get out of this horrible money woe , i never have any , and so many bills and my car needs repair

  16. fran

    I thought it was suppose to be about a hot and sexy weekend . It seems all the horoscopes predict is problems and being angry.?????? Sorry doesnt make sense.

  17. rajan Male

    i am worried lot about my future wid worst relation of wife wid lot of frustration lack of confidence.

  18. rajan

    i am very much worried about the future and my relation wid my wife is very worst it going to end now and i am very much demotivated and lack of confidence.

  19. Natasha Hunter

    I read my horoscope today and you’re right on about everything. You’re a great source of information. I like reading about how my life is going to go and I compare it to others on here and you know your stuff.


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