Your Weekend Forecast for February 17-19, 2012

Lots to Do and Talk About This Weekend

We are getting ready for a three-day weekend with Presidents’ Day on Monday – it is, however, going to be busy with lots of things to do around the house as well as organizing emotional energies. The Moon is in Sagittarius on Friday, pointing its way into Capricorn for all of Saturday and a good part of Sunday. Halfway through Sunday, the Moon enters Aquarius leaving us with lots to talk about.


Don’t be bumping heads with coworkers or loved ones. It’s okay to be the boss, but do it nicely. If you work this weekend, it will be very productive. If you don’t, it will be full of Honey Dos. You will be the one to make the plans – thank goodness for apps.


If you don’t worry about money, or work, this is a three-day weekend, you will enjoy it fully. The only problem is who do you spend it with. Or how can you fit more than one person into the plans.


Get the Groupon thing going. There are great deals on fun things to do, and your favorite people are waiting to do them with you. A short trip out of town will prove to be excellent, and you’ll end the weekend with great conversation and a gourmet dinner.


Stop! Just stop, for one minute and take a deep breath. The energy is polar opposite, and you can’t make up your mind. Okay, then let someone else do it for you, and you’ll see that there are people around you who can make things happen too.


Just point you in the right direction and you’re off and running. A nonstop weekend of fun and friends awaits you. So leave work on time. Everything that you didn’t do on Friday night will be there Tuesday morning when you return to work.


How many times are you going to take a head count? The party is going to be fun. Everyone is accounted for. So just mix the drinks, turn up the music and watch, as once again, you produce the best party on the block.


Being very emotional about money could put a damper on your weekend. So find your inner balance and a pair of comfortable shoes, and get to the party your Virgo neighbor is throwing.


Grounded in reality allows you to be lighthearted for a change. Being able to see your financial picture clearly gives you great relief. Take advantage of this vibration, and go with it wherever it might take you. It will be positive.


It seems like your money is burning a hole in your pocket. The universe is giving you permission to indulge in some finery. How about buying a new pet or a fancy fish for the fish tank? This will bring you some emotionally expensive joy.


Life is good, but this weekend is going to be perfect. You’ll be treated to a fine dinner overlooking the ocean with the one you love. Tie it up with a bow, and savor the good time.


A little too conservative for you, but you go with the flow with respect for your family and friends. Sometimes the rebel in you needs to stay out of the way. You will, however, get to relax and someone else will pick up the tab.


Patience is your mantra as everyone wants a piece of you. You are the entertainment for the weekend. With your artistic energy flowing, you show off what you’ve got. You might even win a big bidding war on eBay.

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