Your Weekend Forecast for August 24 – 26, 2012

Pay Attention This Weekend

A Virgo Sun means it’s time to spice up your life. Sagittarius Moon on Friday and Saturday make this a fast-paced, free-flowing weekend with emotional overtones. “Pay attention” is the mantra for everyone as the details of life move past quickly.


Getting ready for school—not only for the kids, but also for yourself—takes you on a shopping trip to the mall. Your budget is on track, and you’re successful in keeping to it. There is much excitement in your life right now so don’t forget to exhale.


A class in meditation is offered to you, and you take the opportunity to learn something new. There are people you meet that seem to have it all together, giving you the motivation you need to delve into new projects.


So many people are looking to you for advice, wisdom and knowledge—this is your time to shine. Bringing your best to the table is no problem, as you feel very accomplished in your abilities.


By Sunday when the Moon enters Capricorn, your energy changes completely. A calm washes over you, and you have one of the best days you’ve had in a long time. The haze clears, and precision takes its place as you embark on a creative project that brings you pleasure.


Complaining is not going to get you anywhere. So buck up and wave goodbye to the Leo Sun. As much as you dislike change, you will fare well this weekend. Prepare for the week ahead by shopping for what you need for the fall.


Happy Birthday! Face the facts, you’re too old for a “Star Trek” party. Maybe some pointy party hats, but no pointy ears allowed. Not only will the weekend be joyous, but also the whole month will be your oyster. Party hard, Virgos.


The scales of life seem a tad off balance for you this weekend. It’s a good time to take it easy and renew your To Do list for the fall. You will find you can do away with some of the things on the list as they have lived out their usefulness. Clear, clean, prepare and awaken for balance.


With all you have to do, actually getting it done is another story. Determination to have a fun weekend brings you to a place of great satisfaction while giving you enough energy to tackle the tasks on your  list.


Can you hear the hum of happiness? It is the beating of your heart as you embark on a new experience, be it love, a job, or even a new hobby or sport. This is a weekend of preparation. Get ready for a busy time ahead.


Finding yourself jumping up and down with the onset of the autumn makes this a fast and fun weekend for you. Friends invite you to an outing, giving you a chance to network and meet some new people that will benefit you in the future.


The desire for change hits you upside your head. Your new car is ready to pick up. There are friends waiting to take you to the dealership. This is the weekend of fresh starts and new beginnings as change is in the air.


Heading out to your spiritual venue puts you in a good mood. There is a celebration taking place that you do not want to miss. The powerful energy prepares you for a great week ahead, as you open your mind to a new idea.

13 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 24 – 26, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    happy monday weekend bloggers… sure hope your weekend was wonderful.
    happy birthday to all virgos throughout this virgo sun.
    we are still rocking from that mercury retro but by the end of this month august we should feel more solid and grounded.
    stay tuned for next weekends forecast on friday.
    buddha bless,

  2. Laurean

    Thanx for the “Happy Birthday” for this weekend, but – – – , my birthday isn’t until Thursday, August 30.

  3. Angie

    Am a virgo. And I believe in your horoscope. But I don’t see it happening to be as a virgo does that make since. I read my horoscope everyday to see what’s going to look forward to each day. It doesn’t happen to me. But other Virgo yes. Why not me?

  4. Debster

    Hi Deena – Honey, take it from somebody who spent a lot of time asking that question…. When we as gals focus on what we think we don’t have, (like a really cool boyfriend), we somehow quit focusing on all the great stuff that is right in our lives. On an emotional level, that changes us. It makes us desperate, needy, and scared. Lame sharks in the pool sense this, and suddenly we find we’re attracting a lot of, “Mr. Wrong, Mr Lame, Mr Run Up Your Credit Card Bills, and Mr Treat you Like a Doormat.” There is a great book called, “The Secret,” that explains this. It’s really quick and easy to read, but is a super book. It helped me to point my life in a positive direction and to quit focusing on what I, “didn’t have.” The whacky thing is, once you make that change, you start attracting ALL SORTS of cool stuff into your life, including people!
    Peace, sista!


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