Your Weekend Forecast for August 10-12, 2012

Get Ready for the Gemini Moon

The Leo sunshine has seemed to doubled with the energy it’s getting from the Gemini Moon. This is going to be a wonderful weekend as the summer heats up to its full potential. Emotional stability is required, so put on a crystal, meditate, or say a prayer to keep the sensitive energy intact.


Your ego is always a source of pride as you show off your skills in a big event you’re attending this weekend. People will be surrounding you with expectations that you meet head on. I see a trophy in your future.


Loving the heat and the balmy weather, getting your groove on this weekend is nothing short of easy. A new interest sets out to win your heart. Stay open to the future while keeping the bridges to the past solid. Sounds tricky, but you will perform perfectly.


Don’t ask, “Which way should I go?” although there are many options open to you. The love of your life has their own ideas about the way the weekend will unfold. In the end, you will have the task of folding it up.


Love is in the air, and you’re taking it all in. There seems to be too many to dance with, and you’re feeling hard pressed for time. To help give you focus, maybe try sitting still and letting those who want your attention dance for you instead.


“Embrace the love” is your mantra for the next few days. A run to the airport to pick up an Internet love interest is all set. The house looks great, the dinner reservation are made, and just in case it turns out to be a friendly encounter, the spare bedroom is made up as well. Have fun!


Detail is your middle name as your keen sense of every little thing makes you the go-to person for creating a plan that always pans out. With the shared vibrations of Mercury from the Gemini Moon, you’re on top of your game. No stressthis weekend will be easy breezy.


Work is calling you to help. You go and find that this is one of the best weekends you’ve had in a long time. Your service to the team was well worth the effort, and a reward awaits you midweek.


Finishing a book gives you a new view of life. After having an “ah-ha” moment, you make plans to put your new information to use. Accomplishments are many as you cruise through the spiritual effects of this weekend.


The need to protect has you on alert this weekend. The energies run on high voltage as you mix the weekend fun with some serious activities that bring out the best in your group of friends. Rafting and horseback riding are just a few of the ways you find to use your strength.


Lazy days for the goatfish. With many challenges at the work place, this weekend is one where you either pour yourself into a frenzy of mindless activity or chill out with a cold drink and a swim in the pool.


The gang from the neighborhood turn up for fun and you bask in the sun, blast the music and heat up the barbecue. No one comes empty handed, and you have plenty to share. Someone even brings the paper plates.


The free-spirited mood you’re in means “anything goes” this weekend. There is a new opening of a movie and a restaurant you want to try. Friends come along as you set the stage for a great Saturday night. Sunday, you sleep in and prepare for the workweek ahead.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 10-12, 2012

  1. Quinn ext.5484Quinn ext.5484

    hi canan,
    im so glad to be here for you, even if it is not on the phone.
    thank you for letting me know you like the forecasts.

  2. Canan

    Hi,your weekend reading for leos was quite true.I was really expecting a romantic encounter at the airport,but it didn’t.
    Since i have been living in Turkey,i m not able to connect with you.Anyway thanks for your effort for such a good reading.


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