Your Weekend Forecast for April 6-8, 2012

The Aries Sun Brings Passion & Fun

The Aries Sun is shining brightly, warming up the sky as we enter the first weekend of the month. The full Libra Moon gives off a lovely energy breathing life into the passion of the Aries Sun, at least until Saturday afternoon when the Moon enters Scorpio and the passion seems to melt away to vibrations that are more serious. It is a holiday weekend of a spiritual nature as many people will be attending Easter Sunday services and the kids will be having fun hunting for eggs. I would like to give a special Happy Birthday shout out to Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha whose birthday is April 8.


Friday packs a powerful vibration as you end work on a high note. Excited about the weekend activities you find yourself very much out of your head and into doing things that are outdoors and full of fun.


Being middle of the road with your thought process and unable to decide about something important tires you out. By the time you get home Friday night, you are more in the mood for relaxing than going out.


There is a sense of balance, which gives you the upper hand on Friday, yet having that responsibility drains you for the rest of the weekend both mentally and physically. Consider letting others take over from here so you can get your head in gear for the week ahead.


Feeling your oats this weekend from start to finish makes you a very happy camper. The vibrations and energy both inside and out are luminous with love and fun. You will be tired Monday morning, so do not be surprised when you do not want to get out of bed, just go with the flow.


Starting the weekend off very strong puts you in your natural state of being. Your mind is going a million miles a minute as you plan, plan, and plan for the activities for the family. Saturday is a neutral day where all your planning pays off. By Sunday, you are happy to just sit back and take in all the joy you have created.


Being a free flowing free spirit allows you to be in a place of harmony all weekend long. Sunday is a day that your body speaks to you and the need to get out for a run or long walk that puts you in good shape for the week to come.


It could not be more glorious if you designed the weekend single-handedly. Feeling full of love and happiness allows you to spread the joy around to those you care for. The weekend will wind down peacefully with a calm energy.


Your mental energy is centered, making it easy to cruise from Friday to Saturday. Very low physical energy on Saturday gives you a chance to chill out, unwind and go into what seems like a deep meditative state. Feeling more energized on Sunday allows you the ability to get with the program – you will enjoy yourself, so do not be a grump.


You feel as though you are in the middle of fire and ice – this weekend your energies run hot and cold, so stay true to yourself and keep moving forward no matter what. If asked for your opinion, give it without pause, as you have no reason to doubt yourself.


There is so much to do that requires your physical energy to be in a good place. So a pair of comfortable shoes and a bottle of water will help to set you up for the weekend ahead. Saturday and Sunday are days of intellectual bantering with those you love. Enjoy all the chatter as you learn and enlighten.


Mindful energy possesses you, and no one can make you stop talking. Good thing your Friday night is around lots of people who think you are not only intelligent but good-looking as well. Saturday is another cohesive day without consequence. Do what you will and enjoy. Sunday is not a total washout, so take time to recoup.


Your spiritual nature rises to new heights as you embrace the high energy of the weekend. Thinking about life in-depth brings new ideas for a format in a creative project that you have been pondering. Your list of to-do’s changes, which gives you a clear vision for the month ahead.

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13 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for April 6-8, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    dear yvette,
    im so sorry your relationship went south. in hindsight i think you will see that it is for the best.
    it is now time to move forward and find your balance. happiness is inside of you just waiting to surface.
    if you need a reading there are many who can help you to move forward.
    with metta,

  2. yvette

    i would like to desperately know that the man i spent three years of my life with, will contact me again? or am i just waisting my time in hopes for his return? we got along so well, until new years day when i made a terrible mistake and madehim angry with me. I have not spoken to him since then, I tried to reachout, but with no response onhis end. we were gonna get married and move forward but now its done!!! what sould i do and where do i go from here?

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    dear jenny,
    i would love to help you with your love questions, check my schedule and if you can give me a call.
    let me know you are the jenny from the weekend forecast blog.
    in the mean time my prayers are with you for having the best and most joyous loving relationships possible.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    hi T-bird, you are most welcome. it always makes me smile when people know the lord buddha.

    namu myoho renge kyo
    namu myoho renge kyo
    namu myoho renge kyo


  5. T-bird

    Quinn, I think it’s awesome that you mentioned Siddhartha, I know a little about his contributions due to studying with some friends a few years ago. Loved this weekend forecast too, thanks!

  6. jenny


  7. -quinn ext.5484

    happy birthday DAVID –
    you need to get out of your head! this is the way of the aries always thinking –
    a little meditation and an activity like walking will help to clear out the cobwebs of time. we are made up of our memories some of which are painful some of which are joyous. this gives us a balance of the realms of life we live in day to day.
    we cannot go back in time to change things even for the better, so acceptance and counting our blessing helps to clear the old karma out of the way.
    getting older is a blessing, considering the other alternative lol –
    MY MOTTO – LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND THINK POSITIVE… a friend told me that a long time ago and it takes a minute to get in the moment mode but once you do you will feel much better about the aging process and life.
    wishing you all the best of the best. and as another old friend once said to me –
    may the best days of your past be the worst of your future.
    with metta,

  8. -quinn ext.5484

    hi sandi,
    send him a mental fax, if he is open to you he could pick up the mental energy and get back to you. let me know how it goes.
    happy weekend.

  9. Sandi

    so much want to hear from an old ove tommy,just to talk and make things right. Ihave no way to contact him, would he ever contact me again?

  10. David

    Sunday; April 15th is my birthday….I’m going to be 63…have been forced into early retirement due to a work related injury….cannot work (or even attend college classes)…so,
    I’m forced to sit home and contemplate my life: the good and the bad….unfortunately; it’s been alot bad with alot of relationships….one; in particular, STILL an incredible heartache/break for me……….from all the indications this is a time of many changes in the charts…..all I know is as an Aires, I’m going through some (sometimes) very sad and depressing memories…..I wish I could believe that what I really want and need in my life would/could be a reality…….one mistake that I made along time ago has never gone away…over the years I searched so that I could attempt to correct the mistake; but, it never
    happened……as of late, I am obsessed with this notion that this past that I cannot forget; nor, want to…..can/will resurface and shine for us both………..the best gift I could ever receive on my Birthday would be to hear from this “ghost” in a very positive way…..I feel as though I’m
    being lead to do this and the notion/demand to do this will not leave me alone. I’ve been advised that some of us are in position for transitions, changes, adjustments……seeing as though (technically) this is the last quarter of my life; I would love nothing more than to finally be at peace with myself (and those that I’ve hurt) I would love that my life give me time to appreciate life and the world around me and my fellow souls…..I would very much like to leave warm memories for people that might think of me occasionally…..I’ve battled all my life trying to find “my place in the sun”…………Happy Birthday to all fellow Aires…..hopefully, your tale runs better than mine………Redundant Regrets!


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