Your Weekend Forecast for November 29 – December 30, 2013

Your Weekend Horoscope

Penetrating our senses, the Scorpio moon allows us to look deeply at our lives. It will be a mindful weekend where we will want to spend time alone preparing for the future. If you get a head start on planning for the new year this weekend, you’ll free up some time for all the wonderful events and parties over the holidays. Keep your decisions in mind and keep your decisions to yourself.


This is an easy time for you as you to contemplate your life with mindful abandon. Privacy prevails as you hunker down and prepare for your new job or next project. The house needs some tending to and you accomplish all you set out to do.


Finding it hard to sit still, you take to the outdoors for some kind of activity that allows you to work off some steam. Now you can think clearly and accomplish the most important items on your to-do list.


Having an opportunity to slow down is most welcomed. Gathering your thoughts in one basket gives you the ability to look at your life and eliminate what you no longer need. Holding on too tight to stuff stops your natural flow.


Feeling more in your element, you ponder the great and wonderful world you’ve created. A pat on the back for your hard work and contribution to an important organization gives you more to think about moving forward.


Loving your own company makes the next few days very productive. Making hand-crafted gifts for Christmas brings such joy. A trip to the craft store inspires you to do more than intended.


Slow down, and do not pick yourself apart. Contemplate your life with a positive attitude—you know you are your own worst critic. This is the season to put the negative energy in the rear view mirror and polish the mirror of your soul.


This weekend, your balance is off. The good news is that you are seeing yourself very clearly and will get your balance back before you wake up on Monday morning. Do not put off what you have to do—it is a now or never weekend.


Alone time is good for you as well as those you love. Without a house full of noise you can hear yourself think and make good use of this vibration. A promise that was made to you manifests much to your surprise.


It’s hard for you to filter yourself, so staying quiet is the way to go for now. There are so many deep ideas and issues that you want to deal with, but they need to be dealt with in your head. The time will be right in the near future to share your findings.


Sometimes you just want to scream, but this is not the time to do so. Containing your energy allows you to work harder and produce more. It is time to move up and you have to do so for your own satisfaction.


You are operating on a higher frequency than usual. There is a rocket ready for blast off in your head and you want to make things happen. Calm down and put the ideas and thoughts in writing. The time will come soon enough to put your thoughts into action.


Your feel good in your watery element and emotionally, you set out for spiritual exploration. Read a new book on your Kindle and watch a new movie for a mind-expanding weekend.

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