Your Soulmate Forecast for May 2012

Is Your True Love Coming This Summer?

As the weather heats up, thoughts of love fill our heads (and hearts)! But are the stars aligned to meet your needs? Here’s your soulmate forecast for May.


While the primary focus of your month will be career and finance-oriented (with some travel and social outings thrown in), Neptune’s transit into Pisces earlier this year has a continued positive effect – you’ve learned to trust your gut. Combine this with Venus in your house of communications, and the good news is, if you do meet someone special, you’ll know it!


While you start the month off in an especially introspective space, around the 9th, your attitude shifts toward one of more entertaining and creative engagement – including romantic prospects. The end of the month could introduce you to someone of particular interest.


Existing relationships benefit courtesy of Venus in your sign this month, which also increases your personal magnetism. Whether it’s an old flame or a new one, your charms will not go unnoticed. That said, you’re easily distracted and won’t have clarity on the depth of the connection just yet.


This is not the time to dive into a relationship, dear Crab, as you may come off as needy. When in doubt, keep your feelings to yourself and seek solace and advice in someone you already trust. Odds are, you’re learning a lot about yourself. Your time is coming.

“Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the best relationship choices and the greatest freedom.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608


You’ve been busting your bottom at work lately, Leo, and as the red tape is untangled, progress is imminent. That said, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for love this month. And good thing, too. You’re already stretched to your limit! Be sure to take care of yourself as you prepare for abundance across the board.


Take your time in love this month, Virgo. Wires will have a tendency to get crossed, and you may wind up investing in someone who isn’t worth your while. Uranus is at work shifting your relationship dynamics across the board – which may feel tumultuous, but will ultimately serve you well.


Your communication skills are particularly strong this month, Libra, and your close relationships will be especially well served. If you’re feeling the travel bug, don’t be afraid to bring a romantic prospect along – the stars suggest a connection in exotic locales.


May is your month for increased intimacy, stinger. You’re either hitting it off with someone or experiencing a deepened connection. It’s an ideal time for bonding, with the first half of the month particularly well suited to a discussion of feelings and intentions. Whether romantic or platonic (and this can be both), it’s time to expand your inner circle.

“Friendship is the foundation for starting over and for life companions.” – Psychic Reba ext. 5508


While you may be feeling an urge to escape, amorous attention is headed your way this month. The catch is, it may or may not be of the romantic variety. Whatever the case, this is a time to create the life you want – at work or at home – and you’ll benefit from the support you receive.


You’re all about having fun this month, Capricorn. And while that may mean finding a connection, it’s not about deepening it just yet. Your focus is still on expanding and improving yourself… which is exactly where it should be. Live in the moment, and love the ride.


With Mars making you more sensitive, you’re likely to find yourself in one of two situations this month, Water Bearer. Either you’ll realize a relationship is for you, or you’ll know it’s time to end it.


Thanks to Mars in your relationship sector, new people are bound to come into your life this month, Pisces. Whether it’s a love connection or one that is beneficial to your business, be careful not to try and exert your will too heartily. Cooperation is the key to this dynamic.

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14 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for May 2012

  1. Yvonne Owusu

    How i wish i could meet my soulmate this month !……………..
    It can be really dark dreary and lonely!

  2. ed baggett

    As a Sag. I’ve been getting a depressing & discouraging forecast but finally by reading the latest one I’ve broken the back of poverty, so it says….we’ll see.

  3. Marc from the UK

    I have started dating a Gemini! I have learned to give as much space and freedom as possible to her, she goes away on holidays with friends etc, I am fine with that and respect she has a thirst for adventure and experiences. She asked me last week what amI looking for from us? I replied absolutely no expectations or demands! just honesty and to enjoy the moment! That was a positive statement and was well recieved.

  4. Ms A

    For a change I am not looking for that soulmate. I am enjoying my new found freedom. Meeting new people and for a change letting them put me first. I know that sound kinda selfish but that’s always been a very hard thing for me to do is let people do for me. I am loving this ride and not feeling obligated is so refreshing. This forecast is perfect & right on point. I’m on the right track. Feels terrificcccccccc.

  5. -quinn ext.5484

    live in the moment for sure… loving the ride, im moving! okay i will embrace the ride –
    great words for love this May.
    more flowers for our lovers.


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