Your Saturn Forecast for August 2012

Striving for Balance

Slowly but surely, Saturn moves through the cosmos, hammering home life’s great lessons. How does the ringed one affect you this August? Read on to find out! How will Saturn effect you? Talk with Psychic Kayley ext. 5191 to learn how this powerful planet will influence you this month.


Frustration runs high this month, culminating between August 13 and 17. Saturn offers an opportunity to grow by facing obstacles head on during this time. Do so and your confidence will benefit. Steer clear of defensiveness.


Self-love is the order of the day, Taurus, or moreover, the orders of Saturn as you’re forced to face your weaknesses. You’re far more capable than you realize, and this month will prove that.


Saturn in Libra suits you, Twins. Combined with the Moon and Venus working to your greatest good this month, you’re displaying the breadth of your full potential. All systems, go!


Mars and Saturn join forces on the 15th, finally bringing an end to the mounting pressure. It’s been months, maybe years, since you’ve felt such a sense of relief. It’s a turning point in your struggle to learn to put yourself first.


Mars give you the boost you need to put Saturn’s determined energy to good use, particularly between the 13th and 17th. The result will be progress toward your long-term goals. A few calculated risks will reap rewards.


You find yourself wanting to be a little fast and loose with your money this month, Virgo. Funnily enough, Saturn approves. Learning to relinquish control of your usually tight purse strings a little every once in a while is liberating, and a very Virgo lesson.


You’re moving ahead by leaps and bounds now, Libra, buoyed by the slog of Saturn in your sign. The emphasis now is on staying positive and moving forward with energy and initiative. You can close this deal. Will you be able to close the deal? Psychic Elizabeth ext. 5342 can see the path ahead for you.


Things are finally starting to shift in your favor, Scorpio. It’s not until the second half of the month that you’ll see the real difference. Don’t expect an easy road of it, but rewards are on the way!


Mercury sextiles Saturn on August 29, launching your long held plans into action. Expect gains to begin materializing, bolstered by planetary positive energy from the New Moon forward.


Mars conjunct Saturn frustrates you more than most, Goat. You’ll find yourself driven to act courtesy of Mars but held back by stern Saturn. Don’t compromise your goals, but recognize if you need to put them on (temporary) hold.


Mars and Saturn work together to move you closer to your goals mid-month. However, obstacles arise in the wake of the New Moon. So act early on to maximize your progress.


You’re particularly social this month, Fishes, and why not? You’re feeling more confident than usual, really putting all the lessons of Saturn in Libra to good use rather than being a recluse. Have fun!

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5 thoughts on “Your Saturn Forecast for August 2012

  1. christine

    Hi Abby, I am sorry you are going through a hard phase. It seems that you need some positive reinforcement in your life. If you cannot find it in the ones you love, then definitely please try to find it in yourself. I always tell myself and others that we cannot depend on others for our happiness. They can only add to it. Do you know what makes you happy? Maybe if you focus on your goals and really put yourself into achieving them, you will not have time to even notice if someone is not providing the positive influence you are needing from them. I am sorry if this does not help you in the short-term, but it should definitely help you long-term. I wish you all the best life has to offer Abby and I pray that you will find your happiness within. As far as your boyfriend is concerned, if you apologize and explain why you made the choice you now regret and he still does not reconcile, then sometimes giving him plenty of space to miss you after letting him know you care and are there, he may decide to contact you. If it is meant to be, it will work out. You just have to have faith in that. Pray for strength and wisdom. God Bless Abby.

  2. abby

    Ive been feeling down parents think my little sister is so awsome they want me to b just like her.i recently broke up with my boyfriend. And i really want him back but he rejected. And hates me. I just need some one to talk to.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You for the Saturn Forecast , S.K.

    Many folks don’t realize how big a part that Saturn plays in their astro chart and in their life itself…….as Saturn is the Taskmaster or Teacher in one’s chart.

  4. Dreamz

    I’m a Libran and Saturn in my zodiac has been naturally causing havoc for the last couple of years. I’m interested in a Gemini man and as per this article, Saturn in Libra is beneficial to Geminis.

    If Saturn in my zodiac means havoc in my life, while the same Saturn in Libra means wonderful potential for the Gemini – does this imply that we both can never be aligned to enjoy a peaceful companionship with each other at the same point of time ? Will this Saturn in Libra always work in the favour of Gemini while wreaking havoc in a Libran’s life?


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