Your Rising Sign

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be different than their Sun sign? Perhaps you know an Aries who’s shy instead of fiery, or a Taurus who’s dreamy instead of grounded. While your Sun sign tells a lot about the real you, your Ascendant (also known as the Rising Sign) is your outer persona. What’s more, it describes how you’ll fulfill your destiny.

The Ascendant is determined by your time of birth. It’s located at the eastern horizon (or 1st House) of your astrological chart. It’s literally your entry point into this life. The Ascendant describes your physical appearance and the mask you wear for others to see, especially when you’re uncomfortable. As such, the Ascendant is the first impression people get when they meet you, before they know the real you.

Most important, the Ascendant works with the Sun sign to form your outer destiny. You could say that the Ascendant is the path you take to reach your destiny, as described by your Sun sign.

For instance, let’s say you have Sun in Taurus and Ascendant in Sagittarius. Taurus is practical and earthy. Part of the destiny of Taurus is to have strong values and earning power. Conversely, Sagittarius rules spiritual beliefs, travel and teaching. There’s nothing grounded about Sagittarius! With this Sun-Ascendant combination, your values and material goals (Taurus) would be met through a path that involves spirituality, travel or teaching (Sag). Working as a spiritual advisor, career counselor, astrologer, tour guide, economics professor or foreign affairs coordinator would help fulfill your destiny. See what I mean?

As you read your Ascendant sign below, keep in mind that it describes both your outer persona and the path you’ll take to reach the destiny of your Sun sign.

Taurus: Your practical, steadfast, artistic nature will help you fulfill your destiny. You’re in tune with nature and value material security. Your sensual, pleasure-loving side comes from your Venus ruler. Others see you as strong, genuine, gracious and dependable. Stubborn inflexibility is your mask. Still, your resolve can lead to solid achievements and help you achieve prosperity.

Gemini: You’re brainy, logical, versatile and adaptable, all of which help you achieve your goals. You get bored easily and like to have many projects in the pipeline. Your Mercury ruler makes you an information junkie who loves to accumulate facts. Others see you as quick-witted, personable, restless and fickle. Words, which come so easily to you, can be the mask that hides your true feelings.

Cancer: Your Moon ruler gives you a nurturing, sensitive, home-loving nature, which helps you realize your destiny. You crave emotional connections and need emotional security. You’re also protective of those you care for. Others see you as sympathetic, moody, funny, caring and reclusive, especially when your feelings are hurt. This shell into which you retreat is your mask of protection.

Leo: With the Sun as your ruler, you’re generous, dynamic and able to lead, which will assist you in realizing your destiny. Utilizing your creativity in everything you do is your primary strength. You are also loyal, strong-willed and crave recognition. Others see you as charismatic, loving, regal and willful, someone worthy of respect. Your dramatic persona is the mask that hides your vulnerability.

Virgo: You have an intelligent, discriminating, practical nature that craves perfection, traits that help you fulfill your destiny. Your Mercury ruler indicates you have a fine analytical mind that others rely on for good advice. You need to be needed and are willing to serve. You’re also a natural healer. Others see you as smart, helpful and particular. Criticism is the mask that hides your insecurity.

Libra: Your sense of fair play, social grace, artistry and desire for harmony and balance will help you achieve your aspirations. Relationships are especially crucial to your well-being. Your creativity, social skills and desire for peace come from your Venus ruler. People see you as charming, reasonable, just and indecisive. Your exquisite charm can mask tumultuous feelings you’d rather conceal.

Scorpio: You are deeply emotional, penetrating and shrewd. Delving into life with great intensity helps you fulfill your destiny. You’re intrigued by the underlying motivations of others, who see you as mysterious, driven, insightful and sexually magnetic. Your powerful Pluto ruler can prompt you to go to extremes in getting what you want. Wielding power can also be the mask that hides your vulnerability.

Sagittarius: Your love of adventure, spirituality and learning help you realize your destiny. Your Jupiter ruler says you’re a free spirit who needs new horizons to explore. You have an optimistic attitude that attracts good things into you life. Others see you as humorous, lucky, restless and childlike. Your happy-go-lucky persona is the mask that can hide sadness and uncertainty.

Capricorn: Your Saturn ruler says you’re ambitious, grounded, hard-working and reliable. Your ability to visualize and realize your long-term goals help you fulfill your destiny. Respect and achievement are important to you. Others see you as capable, resourceful, dependable and down-to-earth, if somewhat unimaginative. Your stoic persona hides your vulnerability.

Aquarius: You are unconventional, precocious and innovative, compliments of your Uranus ruler. Expressing your unique individuality helps you achieve your destiny. You seldom follow in the footsteps of others and have a strong sense of social justice. Others see you as brainy, radical, avant-garde and sometimes downright weird. Rebelliousness and detachment conceal your insecurity.

Pisces: Your Neptune ruler gives you exceptional intuition and imagination, which help you attain your destiny. You are unusually sensitive to the feelings of others. You are also attuned to the spiritual energies that guide you. Being so sensitive, however, makes facing reality difficult. Others see you as angelic, dreamy, passive and illusive. Your mask is the protective cloak of invisibility.

Aries: With Mars as your ruler, you have an assertive, competitive, pioneering spirit that craves plenty of challenges, traits that will help you achieve your destiny. Others find you direct, bright, youthful, energetic, argumentative and self-centered. The mask of a warrior protects you. Your strength comes from the courage to explore new territories, but you may need others to finish what you’ve started.

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