Your Numerology Forecast: Gifts and Advantages

It pays to remember the gifts and advantages of current numerology as most of us continue to be pushed and prodded by intense astrological influences.

Even the grimmest of circumstances can be lightened if you tune in to the sheer joy of living that is the hallmark of our Universal 3 Year. 3 grants everyone a boost in adaptability, creativity, communication skills, charm, grace and happiness!

This Monday and Friday, when you’re feeling the effects of go-overboard Jupiter and deep, dark Pluto in challenging relationship with the planet most resistant to change, Saturn, try this: rather than getting even more tense, recite limericks to your office mates, or dance barefoot in the park during your lunch break, or have drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the ritziest place in town. Lift a glass of champagne to celebrate life and its many complexities, and let recent challenges and complications go hang for a couple of hours!

The rest of the time, in addition to coping with astrological tremors in the status quo, prepare yourself for another three-week Mercury retrograde, which begins Friday. Since this one’s in Virgo, be sure to get your Virgo chores like making lists, backing up your computer, and taking care of travel and health-related communications done early in the week.

Monday: Let compassionate, selfless 9 help you navigate today’s conflicting energies, and don’t forget to apply 9’s tolerant wisdom to your own foibles, as well as others’.

Tuesday: The natural, upbeat enthusiasm of this Universal 1 Day can lift your spirits and renew your vitality and sense of purpose.

Wednesday: Step back and let today’s visionary Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) help you get a glimpse of possibilities that exist beyond your normal, day-to-day reality. You may discover magical solutions to current conflicts.

Thursday: This is a great day to try one of the stress-busting activities suggested in this week’s introduction. A Universal 3 Day is an opportunity for delight, so celebrate!

Friday: A dreamlike quality casts a haze over this normally practical, purposeful Universal 4 Day, with added confusion and errors triggered by Mercury retrograde. Relationships can be powerfully enchanting, but you may want to wait for the momentary glamor to fade before you act on your impulse.

Saturday: Today you have the double whammy of a 14/5 Karma Day (1+4=5), with its intensely transformational, structure-changing intent, plus a planetary clash between restrictive, set-in-cement Saturn, and Pluto, harbinger of profound and lasting change. Use this 3 Year’s creativity, and the visionary capacities of the 11/2 Month, to help you make the most of an opportunity for real transformation.

Sunday: You probably are still vibrating with the aftereffects of a crazy week, so let this Universal 6 Day’s natural harmony and ease gently soothe your worry and tension.

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