Your Numerology Forecast: Originality, Invention and Fearlessness

Is your seat belt still fastened? Because this period of originality, invention, and fearlessness continues, combining the innovative influence of a Universal 1 Month with the astrological energies of Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto in active, assertive Cardinal signs. This combination makes it not only easy, but necessary, to blast through obstacles.

One of the astrological high points of the week is the intensified influence of Uranus∏ the lightning-bolt initiator of change, as it pauses early Monday before beginning its retrograde (backward) trip back into Pisces, shifting its focus to our interior lives . Sunday’s solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, the nurturing and self-protective Crab, has the usual “wild card” effect, this time creating unexpected, positive resolution of chronic and long-lasting problems. Leading up to the release of eclipse energies are a series of friendly encounters in which the Sun (self and self realization) and Mercury (mental activity and daily communications) help you figure out how to apply the dramatic effects of the outer planets to your daily life.

Monday: Take a little extra time with everything today. In spite of the charitable, socially conscious influence of this 6 Day, the planet Uranus (freedom, invention, and change) can trigger short tempers and hasty decisions. Focus on the greater good and take a deep breath before acting.

Tuesday: The influence of intellectual, focused 7 can really help today, allowing you to sweep aside a chaotic clutter of thoughts and trivia and apply laser concentration to challenges and opportunities.

Wednesday: The highly motivated and organized impact of this Universal 8 Day teams up with a helpful encounter between Mercury (mind) and Saturn (structure, responsibility) to make it very easy to get a lot accomplished. Daydreams may be a bit misleading, so stick to practicality.

Thursday: Wrap up projects, close accounts, and concentrate on what’s best for everyone as this Universal 9 Day clears the way for an extra-powerful time of creation and innovation tomorrow.

Friday: Universal 1 Days are always the best time to initiate new projects and make plenty of room for creative thinking. Add that to our Universal 1 Month, and the influence of Mercury (mind) moving into creative and gregarious Leo, and you have a day of abundant possibilities just waiting for you to notice them!

Saturday: The quiet, inward-focused and deeply spiritual influence of this Master Number 11/2 Day (1+1=2) would prefer meditation over action, but the cooperative influence of Sun (self and creation) and Mars (will, energy, and action), as well as the possibilities of a 1 Universal Month mean you can actualize visions very effectively.

Sunday: Sociable 3 means this is a day meant for pleasure. It can be particularly buoyant and joyful today, as the eclipse brings unexpected gifts and a benevolent encounter between Mercury (mind, communications) and Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) helps give every experience a positive spin.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal and describes trends and energies which affect everyone. To discover your Personal Day, Month and Year, read “What’s Your Power Number?”

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