Your Numerology Forecast: Compassion and Forgiveness

Staying aligned with this 9 Universal Month’s focus on compassion, forgiveness and humanitarian causes should be a little easier this week, even though we’re still under the influence of Uranus’ entry into Aries and its boundary-busting meeting with Jupiter last week.

However, thanks to the mediating influences of the Sun (self realization), Mars (will and action) and Venus (expression of love and personal values) you can look forward to a kinder, gentler experience of those raw, dynamic energies, helping you understand and integrate the intensity of the past three weeks on a more personal level.

Monday – This 5 Universal Day knows just what to do with the lightning-bolt energy of Uranus in Aries! Let 5 shift your focus to distant horizons and energize you with wild and wacky approaches to old challenges. Venus’ friendly encounter with Uranus makes it fun and easy.

Tuesday – The inherent sweetness of this 6 Universal Day is magnified by Venus’ cheerful interaction with expansive Jupiter, and a productive, cooperative encounter between action-oriented Mars and forceful Pluto. Somehow everything you do today will bring you closer to your home, family and community.

Wednesday – A little solitude and the focused, intelligent energy of this 7 Universal Day will help you combine experiences since the last week in May with insights from Monday and Tuesday, and then craft some very useful new directions for your inner and outer lives.

Thursday – You won’t want to goof off today! The powerful focus and management skills inherent in an 8 Universal Day, when combined with the 9 Universal Month and the week’s calming planetary activity, means you have plenty of energy, few distractions, and lots of motivation at your disposal. Go for it!

Friday – The end of the week coincides with the natural urge of a 9 Day in a 9 Month to bring matters, both inner and outer, to a close. You can complete stages of new processes, and wrap up old ones, most effectively on a 9 Universal day. Also, the Sun nearing its challenging encounter with Saturn increases the urge to close books, clarify boundaries and solidify structures.

Saturday – The Sun-Saturn challenge is at its peak today, but the Universal 1 Day gives it a whole new outlook. Today you want to take new ideas, build solid, practical structures for their expression, solidify relationships with collaborators and double-check details.

Sunday – The deeply spiritual combination of this 11/2 Master Number Day (1+1=2) and the benevolent encounter of Sun and Neptune makes it a perfect time for dreaming, meditating and visioning a better future. Breakthroughs in your spiritual practice are easy today.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal rather than Personal. It describes trends and energies which affect everyone. To learn how to calculate your Personal year, month and day, check out the new “What’s Your Power Number?”

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