Making a New Home Your Own

I’ve recently received calls from people who are uncomfortable in their new homes. They just can’t seem to settle in, and wonder what they can do to make their new environment more of what they are used to. As one who has moved quite a bit in her life and “been there and done that,” I would like to give a few suggestions that might be helpful.

First of all, your new home doesn’t smell like the old one did! When the last person (or tenant) moved out, the owner/landlord probably cleaned and used products that are unlike those you always use. So re-clean with your own, burn that familiar incense, or sprinkle that essential oil around (I use lavender or citrus) to bring that familiar scent to your surroundings!

If you’re in a new house, plant something of your own. Whether it is a new shrub or marigolds outside, or potted plants inside, there is nothing like feeling that you have created a part of your own environment. I’m still happy when I drive by the last house I lived in and the shrubs are doing better than ever!

Become acquainted with your neighbors. I know – who has time to stand outside and chat? But if you make the time to nod and smile at the people around you, you’ll make a connection that makes you feel more at home. (Also, these are the very people who can call the police if they see suspicious activity on your property while you’re away.) Go for it – you don’t have to live in their pocket, but you can get to feel more of a sense of community.

Finally, realize that you will eventually replace the old “vibrations” in the house with your own. It took some time in the house I live in now, but we did replace the echoes of the previous owners, their four sons and their dog! It was somewhat odd for a while, but eventually my cats made their own impressions. It’s not really describable, but just your own daily activity will replace the old.

Be happy with your new home. It’s waiting for you to make your own impression. Whether bigger or smaller, a different type of neighborhood or not, after you move in it will begin to be a part of you. I hope these ideas will help you speed along the process!

2 thoughts on “Making a New Home Your Own

  1. diadriel

    I always do a ‘cleansing’. A giving a gratitude to the space and entities surrounding and within, and a setting of my intention. I use sage, cedar, birch and bay with energizing crystals in my hand, I consciously walk from each entrance, thru each room, smudging with my prayers, gratitude and intention. My friends and family all sense the shift and renewal. I repeat this every year. This seems to help my connection with the spiders and other beings when I ask that they not cover entrances or harm my home.

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  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Tansy,

    Great article, I have found that when you move into a new or new to you home, the home still has the same energy as the last resident or builder, so you need to switch this to make it your own, get the energy flowing then at that point you will become as the home will become in balance with you and your family.

    I spent about a month last winter fung shuing my home, painted certain walls light purple, center walls natural for health, yes at first my friends thought I was nuts, when I did this I noticed that everyone in my home was just a bit cranky this was because I had thrown the energy off that we had became used to, through this process it put the home in its proper energy vibration with the planet, when you are in sequence with the vibrations of the planet within your home, life in general will flow peacefully, happy, positive.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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