Your Numerology Forecast: Count to 10 a Few Times

With the week’s rather dramatic astrology, the family and community-oriented energies of this 6 Universal Month will be a blessing. Mars, the planet of will and ego, will be standing still in the sky, and then moving forward on Wednesday, and will strongly influence the whole week. Best advice? Count to 10. And then count to 10 again. Channel your excess energy into hard exercise or challenging projects (after you’ve counted to 10!). Also, Venus will run up against both Saturn and Pluto Tuesday through Thursday. Her dynamic encounters encourage you to readjust any obsolete value systems or beliefs about love that created issues for you around January 31.

Week of March 8 – 14, 2010

Monday – Exercise caution today, because the freedom-loving and in-your-face 5 energy could easily go too far under the pressure of Mars’ powerful, cage-rattling influence.

Tuesday – Remember what we said last week about the combination of a 6 Universal Day with a 6 Month creating couch potatoes? With this week’s potentially stressful astrology, you probably will find the calming double-6 influence helpful.

Wednesday -The intensity of Mars bursting out of the underworld journey he began December 20, combined with this 7 Day’s tendency toward irritability under stress, could be challenging. Remember, count to 10. And again. And again …

Thursday – Use the executive will and power provided by this 8 Day to round up the astrological energies that have been crashing madly about and impose enough focus and direction on them to really get things done.

Friday – In spite of planetary dramas, this 9 Day makes it possible to concentrate on larger issues and create peace of mind. The days preceding this coming Monday’s New Moon in Pisces are an excellent time to quietly release things that no longer belong in your life.

Saturday – A new cycle begins with this 1 Day, another chance to take the week’s excess energy and use it to further your purposes. Any big projects waiting on the back burner? Today’s an excellent day to move them forward.

Sunday – The reflective and deeply spiritual energies of this 11/2 (1+1=2) Day provide the perfect opportunity for you to sort through the week’s challenges, find the deeper meanings, and integrate the newfound understanding into your future. It’s a very powerful day to release what’s outmoded or superseded by your new level of insight.

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