Your LOVECAST™: Fearing Closeness or Commitment

A fear of closeness or commitment may arise at the start of the week as Venus opposes Saturn. Mars turning direct on Wednesday will help new relationships move forward, but the Venus-Pluto collision the next day can bring up some dark emotions concerning love. Romance blooms this weekend, especially on Sunday, a nice day for a cozy tryst, as well as focusing on your spiritual life. Best days for socializing: Friday (maybe), Saturday, and Sunday.

Week of March 8 – 14, 2010

Pisces: Prioritizing will help you stay focused and energized during the tug-of-war over your time (and finances?) at the start of the week. This weekend, the aura of light that surrounds you makes you a magnet for romance. Just be sure your heart is open, you’re seeing love clearly, and you’re picky about whom you spend time with.

Aries: It may feel like your heart is under lock and key through much of the week. Trusting in love and being true to yourself will set you free. A serene environment is the perfect setting for a rendezvous this weekend. Pay attention to your intuition, which is especially active and will guide you in love.

Taurus: Your confidence in romance may be shaken at the start of the week, but a midweek breakthrough can help resolve some troubling issues that hinder your love life. This weekend, a gathering of friends or a group activity can prompt a romantic interlude with your sweetie or someone new. Discussing your hopes for the future will uplift you.

Gemini: Romance may feel like too much trouble to pursue at the start of the week. It’s time to analyze and eliminate any fears you have concerning love, so you can manifest a compatible relationship, or improve the one you already have. This weekend, your generosity in offering your expertise will inspire love.

Cancer: If you feel like the walls of limitation are closing in on you at the start of the week, just know that dealing with whatever comes up, calmly and resourcefully, will lighten the load so you can enjoy romance this weekend, when feelings flow once again. Look for love during a trip or spiritual gathering, especially on Sunday.

Leo: Expressing yourself may feel like an uphill battle at the beginning of the week. Organizing and streamlining your work will help free up your energy for self-expression. This weekend, revealing your sensitive side can inspire/deepen romance. Firing up your imagination and sharing (or enacting) a fantasy can heat up your connection as well.

Virgo: You may need to break through some limiting beliefs about love and/or money at the start of the week. You can have it all if you believe in yourself. This weekend, whether you’re with a lover or longtime friend, sharing yourself with someone special will bring fulfillment. Discussing your dreams for the future will deepen love, too.

Libra: If others oppose your plans or ideas at the beginning of the week, just remember to love yourself first, instead of putting someone else’s values or needs above your own. This weekend, flirting at the gym or during another healthy activity can prompt a romantic interlude. Being helpful to someone in need will inspire love as well.

Scorpio: A test of your personal power may arise at the beginning of the week, when you may need to stand firm about what’s important to you, personally and/or professionally. Love can lift your soul this weekend, if you let yourself be vulnerable. Look for romance at a party, film, or club.

Sagittarius: A friend or group gathering can be troublesome at the start of the week. Strive to surround yourself with people who are in sync with your heart and soul. This weekend, getting in touch with your nesting instincts by throwing away unneeded stuff and creating a beautiful ambiance for entertaining will bring fulfillment.

Capricorn: A power struggle over commitment or lack of time spent with your significant other can unhinge love during much of the week. Seeking a compromise and expressing your love will bring harmony. This weekend, sexy and/or soulful words have the power to deepen/attract love. If you’re solo, look for romance while traveling or during a class.

Aquarius: Perhaps the best way to spend your time through most of the week is to clarify your dreams and goals, including your vision of the ideal relationship, so you can attract the ideal partner or job, or whatever you’re focusing on. This weekend, expressing your appreciation through a heartfelt gift or gesture can deepen/attract romance.

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