Your Moon Sign Revelations

Your Sun and Moon Combined

Most people know their sun sign—the one you read online every day or in a magazine or newsletter. But equally, if not more important, is your moon sign. See if you recognize yourself in the descriptions below, then combine it with what you know about your sun sign. To check your moon sign, give an astrologer your time and date of birth.

Aries: You haven’t got a mean bone in your body. You may never forget, but you always forgive, choosing to move past obstacles in relationships and for the sake of keeping the peace.

Taurus: You are loyal to a fault. Even when wronged by someone you trust, it takes more than one instance of betrayal before you throw in the towel. Far be it for the stubborn bull to ever go back on its word.

Gemini: You relish a good debate and thrive on constant challenge. You think a good fight is healthy to clear the air sometimes. Your mind is analytical and if asked your opinion on something, you require all of the facts first.

Cancer: You are sensitive and soak up others’ feelings like a cotton ball. You have very strong feelings about a lot of things and try very hard to keep them in check until the inevitable time comes when you can no longer hold them in.

Leo: Whether invited to a movie premier or the principal’s office for a meeting about your rowdy kid, you enter the scene exuding a red carpet posture. No one would guess that you have moments of doubt and worry that you hide just beneath the surface.

Virgo: You continually strive to be your best and don’t understand those who don’t. No one is harder on themselves than you are. You sometimes don’t realize how much you have to offer to others and the world.

Libra: Your Libran scales are constantly teetering between confidence and self-doubt. The upside of that is that you own up to each, taking responsibility for your feelings, and equally, you never judge others.

Scorpio: You’d rather not let anyone know how sensitive you really are. You also possess an amazing ability to size people up in about one minute, even if they are totally pretending to be someone they’re not.

Sagittarius: On the outside you are jovial and fun-loving, on the inside you are always searching for the next adventure. Sagittarius can feel antsy when paired with a stabilizing moon.

Capricorn: Having the moon in Capricorn can make even the most timid sun sign long for control and status. Likewise, you are drawn to individuals of power and secretly hope everyone notices your confidence and maturity.

Aquarius: You are sensual, smart and far too logical to give in to emotions. People who live on emotion confuse you.

Pisces: You possess a depth of emotion people could only dream about, that is, if they knew it were possible. You are everyone’s friend, but no pushover.

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  3. Ganiyu

    I was born 28 April 1967 in Lagos city. I have lost 2 jobs in 2 years despite my dedication and loyalty to my employers. Currently am still trying to find a job about 4 months after I lost my last one. What is happening to me

  4. tuty

    hello im 39 my birthday is on 11/26/72 and my question is do you see me getting pregnant soon? i/ve been trying for a while now. n about my career what career do u see me going into next feel very confuse and lost in what to do next. ive been out of work n my unemployedment ran out. please advise… thank you n god bless.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Love reading these types of articles !!!!

    My moon and my mars are both in pisces……


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