Your Moon Forecast for August 2012

Here’s Your Once in a Blue Moon

It’s a rare occasion that two full moons fall in one calendar month. However, August 2012 presents us with one such occasion.

August 2 and 31 bring with them full moons in Aquarius and Pisces, respectively. What does this mean? With the moon ruling Cancer (and our feelings), August is sure to pack an emotional wallop!

Read on for help navigating the tides via your lunar forecast!


Venus and the first full moon of the month bring positivity your way. Confidence is bolstered by the new moon in Leo on the 17th, after which a general sense of calm sets in. Strange for you, Ram… but welcome.


Don’t be drained by the first full moon on the 2nd. Instead, take stock of where you are compared to where you’d like to be. You’re being tested by Mercury and the moon this month. A tip? Soften, rather than being bull-headed!


The month begins peacefully and, quite possibly, amorously. The full moon on the 2nd trines your sign, bringing you good fortune, and the new moon on the 17th helps clear the obstacles to success in any arena you desire. Yay you! Want to find out the best way to fulfill your desires? Talk to Liam ext. 9290 now!


Decisive action is on the horizon. Whatever it is that’s been bothering you over the long haul is coming to a head and demanding you do something about it. That might just happen right before the mid-month new moon.


Mercury retrograde and the Aquarian new moon join forces to make your mind fuzzy the first week of the month. However, the winged one’s trine with Uranus reteams with the new moon mid-month for a more positive impact, bringing opportunities for new ways of thinking.


You are absolutely magnetic this month, Virgo, so get out there and socialize! That said, keep your opinions to yourself until after Mercury turns direct on the 8th. Before then, people might get the wrong idea.


The full moon on August 2 has the biggest impact on your chart this month, offering you a surge of energy and optimism. It’s a great time to make decisions, once Mercury turns direct. In the meantime, enjoy your renewed vigor!


It’s never bad to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you, Scorpio. This month’s Moons (in combination with Mercury) encourage you to do just that. If you’re feeling fuzzy, don’t worry, it’ll pass after the 8th. The stress may take a bit longer, but by the second full moon, you’re noticeably lighter. Need to break out of your patterns? See what Yemaya ext. 5143 can do to help!


Though the first week of August may still see last month’s sagas playing out, the mood is generally better for Archers now. The new moon on the 17th seals that deal, giving you a burst of energy and the confidence you need to get back in the game.


While the moon shouldn’t have that deep an effect on your life this month, goat, Mars does. Unfortunately, that starts out as frustration, but by the 24th turns around, highlighting your creative side!


Relationships are front and center with the full moon in your sign August 2. Feelings, feelings, feelings! And mainly of the amorous variety. Go with it. Especially through the new moon on the 17th.


You’re feeling attractive and energized; still riding the crest from last month’s Cancer new moon. Spoil yourself—you deserve it! The month’s end brings a full moon in your sign, which means you’ll feel its affects more than most. That might mean sadness, or tears of joy.

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8 thoughts on “Your Moon Forecast for August 2012

  1. Bronwyn Maddison

    Dear Tiffany,
    ur clearly very articulate & in touch with yourself,even with the fact that you are currently somewhat OUT of touch with yourself.I just want to say,as an astrologer,that it is ok 2b blurry.As a water sign it can sometimes be necessary to give up the need to know & control anything-for a period.So I suggest some acceptance & even humour to help yourself in this stage.It may also be the case that ur intuitive powers r going 2 come 2u in a different way,that will probably b clearer ultimately,but r requiring u 2 take a break now.I went thru a phase many years ago wen it seemed that my psychic,intuitive & even astrological interest had gone altogether.When I asked the question “How am I supposed to live my life without my intuition to guide my decisions?”,a very wise woman answered me by saying….”Well u will just have 2 use ur common sense instead,like the rest of us”!I found this 2b true,& the revival of my rational strengths as well have revived me.Hope this helps.

  2. Tiffany Johnson

    I just want to say that Im a strong believer in the astrological forces and everything that surrounds it. I have taken a picture of every full moon this month and so far it has been consecutive for five days. I am a Cancer and drawn to the moon very strongly. Currently I am overwhelmed and desperately need the guidance of a real psychic but I cant afford to pay. I feel like my life is on a twist and turn path and Im lost as to which direction I should take. My faith and intuitive capabilities have led me this far but then my senses and vision become blurry. Supernatural forces linger around me, watching me, and trying to engage my attention but with no sudden actions. I believe my house is haunted but not with an evil entity, but with lost souls that have been trapped or are not yet ready to cross over. I need help and I dont know where else to turn. Please offer me solace and relieve the bands that have a hold on my mind.


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