Your Money Forecast for September 2012

What’s in the Stars?

Venus enters comfort-loving Leo and flirts with lucky Jupiter. This second in a series of Uranus-Pluto squares is difficult, but a trickle-down effect and Mercury, who rules commerce, form some interesting angles this month. This will affect contracts and agreements after mid-month. So what’s your money forecast for September? Get a money forecast of your own with astrologer Psychic Casey ext. 5385.


You’ll love the 20th and 21st. Venus forms a beautiful angle to Uranus, currently in Aries as well as lucky Jupiter in Gemini. Buy a lottery ticket, but don’t sign any contracts from the 20th on.


Lucky Jupiter in your solar 2nd house could mean money earned through creativity. From the first week of September you’ll feel encouraged and enlightened, and that leads you to financial happiness.


Communication is your specialty, so speaking or writing could earn you some cash. Mars highlights hard work that’s paying off. Socializing with co-workers can actually help.


Jupiter, Venus and even Mercury all work in your favor. Pushing your career forward will bring you towards lasting financial freedom. But resist the urge to rest on your laurels—you’re not quite there yet.


Financially speaking, Venus is your friend throughout most of September as she spotlights creativity and ingenuity. Since your career may have left you feeling torn between work and home lately, you just may come up with a solution that helps you cash in as well.


This month’s New Moon in your sign on the 15th puts the focus on the future, especially the coming year. By the Full Moon on the 29th, your focus will zero in on shared resources, mortgages or even an inheritance.


Mars in your solar second house all month means that you’ll be focusing on spending vs. savings and all things budget related. After the 6th, you might come up with some creative solutions that equate to cash in your pocket.


Thanks to Venus’ transit of your 10th house of career and status, you’ll be coming up with some innovative, cash-producing ideas. There’s a social side to making money, so get out and be seen.


Your money forecast brightens through your gift of gab thanks to Mercury in Libra mid-month. Also, Venus helps to get you noticed by people who can increase your income. Stay sharp.


Venus in Leo from September 6 through October 3 shines a spotlight on your hidden talents for manifesting money. Also, you could get a lucky break when it comes to mortgages, loans or even taxes.


With Mercury in Virgo, money comes from outside resources and projects. When it’s joined by the New Moon on September 15, it ignites your money motivations. The 26th looks especially good, just don’t sign agreements on that day.


Mid-month when Saturn joins Mercury in Libra, you’ll be overly concerned about money. The Full Moon on the 29th brings financial surprises that could go either way. Don’t let the planetary chatter distract you, just keep pushing through. 

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17 thoughts on “Your Money Forecast for September 2012

  1. Belinda

    I’m curious to know what my money forecast will be for October. Will you be blogging a forecast for this month? Thanks.

  2. georgette valtman

    I would like to have a comment on my situation and wondering if it will become better financially. I really have been blessed with good health and a wonderful family. My son and his wife who we live near have been great to us and helping us. I just have to get my mind straight.


    Dear Andic ,

    Under your forecast my money in 2012 . I will get a big money in September, 2012 . The full Moon of Sep brings me financial surprises .I am trembling with excitement , I would be obliged If you let me know everything are going to me is OK or what are there blocking me ?
    Thank you so much for your help .


  4. Aracelly Fowlks

    Iam in the habit of helping others before myself. My problem is hard t solve, I found out my ex husband suffered a bad stroke in CA, I live in FL. no one of his friends knew where to find him until I remembered someone I didn’t want to approach, but as a last resort I called him. He had called the ambulance. This conversation took place at least a yr after the stroke, he gave me the address and phone #s to call a Nursing Home. This place never put him on the phone in 18 months, I was not sure if he was alive. After 18 months I decided to show up by surprise and I saw horror in every aspect of his Care, he’s beeing abused financially, psychologically and in every possible way. I presented a complaint to Social Services in order to investigate the Nursing Home and the so called cousins, which claimed to be cousins to take control of his finances, I need to hire an attorney that is asking for $4-5 thousand to proceed. I have plans to bring him to FL where I can personally provide him the care he needs, but he is being manipulated by the staff at the nursing home who believe he doesn’t want to come. Who will win??????

  5. Aracelly Fowlks

    This message is for Georgette, I worked 35 yrs as an Executive Bilingual Secretary for the best North American Corporations in Colombia, South America, and I am used to dealing with executives as I had to do their job. In your case, I would go to the highest authority in the company, never deal with little or medium people and you will be more successful in your pursuit for justice.

  6. georgette valtman

    I retired two years ago and we have had a fixed income which was tight. I had a part time job in my field of 50 yrs this was in a medical base field. Some vicious people who I worked with were very mean and adapted some situations that caused me to loose my job. I have never been let go from a job in my 50 yrs. The information was totally untrue and I am having a very hard time with this solution. I started up a work at home business and hopefully this will be successful. But i have been very devastated with this situation. People are so viscious. I am pursuing to voice my feelings with the upper management of this company. I am asking will my financial situation get better in the near future. I have been married have a wonderful husband, and family and my health has been pretty good but not sure now as this has taken a toll on me.

  7. taw

    same with me… i’ve been believing that i deserve to have lots of money so i can help not only my family but also those who are in need…so, i agree to the first response.. we just have to believe that somehting good will happen….soon…..

  8. LJ

    Half the battle to having abundance in your life is believing whole-heartedly that you deserve happiness, abundance and avoiding negative speak/think like … “I’ll never …” or “This couldn’t happen to me …” – Yes, it can – no matter what life throws your way to get you down, the way to combat it and get the most out of life is to say – “Yes, I do deserve this …” or “Yes, this can happen to me …” Thoughts and words hold great power – so does belief … and it’s hard sometimes, but with practice … repeating those positive mantras over and over in our heads … we can change our lives for the better – positive thought attract positive results. Tell yourself, things may not be what I want now, but they will change, and I will get there because I deserve it. We all do.

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  12. Robert Coppersmith

    Andie what could be blocking me? Are my money problems going to continue or are they over for good? I don’t think i can take this crap much longer.

  13. lori

    Will I ever win the Kentucky lottery? Can you give me 6 numbers for the lottery and when to play them?Please and thank you.


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