Your Mercury Forecast for September 2012

Moving to Peace-Loving Libra

Mercury moved into Virgo on August 31, casting an analytical light on communications across the board until transiting to symmetry-obsessed, peace-loving Libra. How will the winged one affect your life this month? Read on to find out! Do you want more details on Mercury’s affects on you this month? Get an astrology reading from Psychic Phillip ext. 9485.


Don’t get frustrated trying to express your desires or jump to conclusions early on in the month. Wait for Libra’s influence to help you find the words that convey the benefits of doing things your way.


Lucky for you, you’re imbued with courage, a quick, soft-spoken force and the ability to instantly perceive others weaknesses when Mercury trines Pluto and sextiles Mars (both September 4 and 5). Lucky, because Mercury inconjunct Uranus the same day begs the unexpected.


Be wary of overpromising and under-delivering on the 8th when your ruler Mercury squares Jupiter. Even if your intentions are good (which they usually are), your judgment is likely clouded.


Arguments are not your forte, Cancer, and Mercury in Libra isn’t going to help you any on that front. So, try to clear any unpleasant decisions before the winged one leaves Virgo on the 16th.


A series of difficult Mercury aspects ask you to dig deeper than your usual comfort zone this month. That’s not a bad thing, Leo. Better to know where you stand in true expression than to wonder while avoiding conflict. Afraid to step outside your comfort zone, Leo? Talk it out with Psychic Justine ext. 5402 who can help remove the fear.


You’re a pro at figuring out the pros and cons in any situation. Mercury in your sun sign only aids you in your pursuits. Your perception is sharp, just make sure your delivery isn’t.


Balance is always the goal, Libra. But it’s not always possible. How do you deal with situations where achieving 100% fairness is the question? Don’t over think it. Now is the time to learn to go with your gut. It will play up your strengths to do so.


Delving deep is never a problem for you, Scorpio. You’ve got a Virgo-like eye for detail, especially when it comes to the heart of the matter. For that reason (and your sometimes sharp tongue!), consider waiting for Libran Mercury’s soft touch to express painful news.


When Mercury squares Jupiter on the 8th, you’re prone to be either long-winded or downright rude. Don’t exaggerate. Better to keep your thoughts to yourself for a minute than to blurt out something hurtful and regret it later.


When Mercury joins Saturn in Libra you begin to see your recent struggles through a different, brighter lens. Consider the fairest, cleanest resolution that allows you to move on.


From September 12 to the 13th, Mercury opposes Uranus, leaving you feeling restless in mind. You may run the gamut from genius to lunacy—and all in one day. Wait for Libra’s balancing influence to ride in before judging your idea’s merit.


When Mercury inconjuncts your ruler Neptune on September 17, you may feel like you’re going crazy. You’re not. It’ll pass, and Libra’s influence will help restore harmony (and creativity) in your head!

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7 thoughts on “Your Mercury Forecast for September 2012

  1. HAnk

    I’m a Libra male been in a relationship with a Aquarius woman we never come to any agreements and always becomes a argument I can’t deal with it anymore.. Been seeing a Virgo woman we have been friends a long time and I always felt true love for this woman the past few weeks I been helping her with her needs.. I’m in love with this Virgo woman I always had respected her am head over heel in love with her. Will we make it as one true loving couple. Seeking true honest love with her.

  2. blackie

    I’m no seer or anything like that but if you feel that strong and she’s hanging happines is very hard to find so I would hang in there man.Terry I hope you come back and read the old Sag.


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