Your Life’s Purpose

Your astrological natal chart is a blueprint of all the life lessons your soul came here to learn. “Why am I here? What am I supposed to be learning and what parts of my life are going to help me learn those lessons?” To find the answers look at the placement of the the 10 planets in each of the 12 Houses on the day you were born.

The more planets you have in any one House in your birth chart, the harder you’ll have to work through the obstacles that particular house represents, to find the blessings along your path. If the planets are spread out in your chart, you’ll have an easier time of things. If you don’t have any planets in 1 house or more, these issues aren’t aligned with your destiny this time around.

Understand the houses in your natal chart that are activated by planets, to put your energy in the right places as you learn the lessons of life.

1st House: Image
Obstacles – You are hiding the true you, the genuine you, which includes your natural strengths as revealed by your Sun sign.
Blessings – You are who you say you are.

2nd House: Money
Obstacles – You undervalue your abilities and earnings, and may go into debt.
Blessings – You find financial security.

3rd House: Communication
Obstacles – You are misunderstood. You can’t get your points across.
Blessings – You learn how to think and speak clearly and people believe you.

4th House: Family
Obstacles – Dysfunctional family patterns work against what you want to accomplish.
Blessings – You find new ideals, break the pattern of dysfunction for yourself and following generations.

5th House: Creativity
Obstacles – You have the false belief that you have nothing to offer creatively, which leads to disappointment.
Blessings – You find your creative ability and possibly make it your life’s work.

6th House: Work habits
Obstacles – Poor work habits make you ineffective and unproductive.
Blessings – You efficiently and effectively carry out your work projects and are willing to help others.

7th House: Commitment
Obstacles – You have difficulty committing to long term partnerships in business and love.
Blessings – You stop looking for perfection and make good commitments.

8th House: Letting go
Obstacles – The past keeps you stagnant, often in love or work.
Blessings – When you let go of what’s not working, you make room for the good things the Universe has planned for you.

9th House: The Mind
Obstacles – Narrow-mindedness keeps you from exploring and discovering the purpose of your life.
Blessings – A spiritual awakening leads you in the right direction.

10th House: Impression
Obstacles – People get the wrong impression of who you are. They can’t see you clearly.
Blessings – People see you as being credible. You project yourself accurately to others.

11th House: Destiny
Obstacles – You can’t connect with others and become isolated.
Blessings – You learn to open yourself up and connect with others. You get help along the way and give help.

12th House: Motivation
Obstacles – You are directionless. You are not aware of the subconscious secrets you keep.
Blessings – You look within and find you life’s purpose. A Pandora’s Box of blessings opens for you.

Check the influence of each of the planets which reside in the houses in your birth chart for even more clarity as you explore your life’s purpose.

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