Your Hottest Days for September 2012

What Lies Ahead for Your September

September brings more freedom to your passion after overcoming an August filled with the overwhelming raw emotions coming to light from deep within yourself and others. With Mars moving into his home sign of Scorpio, you are learning to make the most of the powers within that you feared. This placement, coupled with Venus in Leo means that September is going to be one hot month!

Aries: After the 6th, Venus enters Leo allowing you to showcase your creative skills as a lover throughout the rest of the month, particularly on September 11 through the 15th. After that fun, on the 20th – 22nd, and the 29th and 30th you’ll find yourself full of surprising delights for your lover.

Taurus: Expect your lover to be the aggressor at the beginning of September. Their moodiness will be calmed by some intense love-making. On September 4 – 5, be certain to tell your lover what you want. They will deliver. You’ll be experiencing some deeper, richer passions around the New Moon on the 15th. Sunday, September 22 will bring rich rewards after your love’s moodiness mid-week.

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Gemini: Sexy talk brings you very sexy action during September. The weekend of September 7 through September 9 is especially perfect for you to talk yourself into some pure pleasure. Your enthusiasm is contagious in the bedroom on the 16th – 17th. Stroke your lover’s ego on the 24th – 25th and you’ll reap some hot benefits.

Cancer: While you were feeling a little shaky about love at the end of August, September brings such fascinating sexual depths from your lover that you’ll overcome those old feelings. September 10 offers hot, healing love-making. The 18th – 19th and the 26th – 28th bring romance followed by sexy evenings adrift on a wave of passion.

Leo: On the weekend of September 1 – 2, plan a surprise trip for your lover and they’ll surprise you with a passionate response. Venus enters Leo on the 6th making you sizzle with attraction for the rest of the month. On Wednesday, September 12, you’ll find yourself being especially irresistible! Surprises from your lover on the 20th and 21st will make you feel like the sexiest person alive.

Virgo: This is your month to show your skills (yes, all of them), especially in the bedroom! Share those fantasies on the 4th and 5th and you’ll find a willing partner in exploration. You are discovering new facets of your sexuality on the weekends of the 14th – 16th and Saturday, September 22 and Sunday the 23rd.

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Libra: When Venus leaves Cancer on September 6, you start to feel more freedom to explore new friends as lovers or dreamy sex with the one you have. The weekend of the 8th and 9th could find you on an erotic getaway, along with the evening of Sunday, September 16. The Sun enters Libra on September 21, putting you in the limelight just in time for some special lovemaking on September 24 and 25.

Scorpio: Your chart ruler Mars is in your sign through the entire month of September. You are fearless in the world and in your sex life. Start the month with an afternoon delight on Saturday, September 1. On Sunday, September 9 take your love to a secluded beach or just climb into the bath or Jacuzzi and put on some great music. The sex will be delicious enough to last through Monday the 10th. If you can’t get away from work on the 19th, use your sexiness to get your project accepted! Friday night the 28th, you are sexually unstoppable.

Sagittarius: Your truly daring ideas on Sunday, September 2 will bring outstanding sex. September 6 brings Venus into harmonious Leo through the rest of the month. Plan a vacation or some long weekend getaways. Saturday, September 8 brings a willing partner for flights to exotic, sexy spots or flights of fancy to new sexual heights. Sexy, new ideas bring great results on September 12 and Friday, September 21 is full of sexy surprises.

Capricorn: Your sexual intensity will be palpable Tuesday, September 4 and opportunities for a hook up could come through travel or shared studies of some kind. A friend could become a lover for life on Saturday, September 15. Don’t let career thoughts distract you from a great opportunity to express your passion on Sunday the 23rd.

Aquarius: Saturday, September 8 brings romantic passion. Incredibly fun sex-ting and hot phone calls could lead to a hot visit with your lover. Your partner is looking particularly scrumptious on the evening of September 12. Tell them and see where it leads. On the Sundays of September 16 and 25, don’t miss the opportunity to contact someone special during travels or study sessions and they could bring you new pleasures by Monday.

Pisces: Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 9 bring a perfect setup for a romance to lead to amazing new heights of sexual creativity. Monday the 10th could bring a luscious, hot, follow-up event. September 26, 27 and 28 have strong emotions that can bring a powerful lover to a sexy “rescue” that will delight you both.

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