Your Gemini Career Forecast for May 2012 to May 2013

Gemini, The Great Communicators

This is the year for you, as a Gemini, to shine. What astrologers call the Solar Return happens on or within a day or so of your birth date, so your year actually begins May 20-21 through June 20-21. Communication is the key to the great transformation of 2012, and Gemini is the sign of communication. You will be finding yourself indispensable this year, as the trigger for the famous 2012-2013 events are all born in your sign.

Filmmaker and activist Robert Greenwald referred to the “messengers in the messaging world” as the tool he uses for making his work powerful. This is a perfect description of a Gemini, particularly at this time in history. One of the amazing things about Gemini natives is that if you are a great writer, you are also a great speaker or marketer. If you are in sales, you can write your own sales tools as well as write professionally.

As the sign of the Great Messenger and of the Twins who know “both sides” of every issue, you engage others powerfully and are the most effective speakers, writers and bloggers around. Since everything done in today’s world requires multitasking and multiple talents, you are an exceptional asset to any business—particularly your own—as you can do it all.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

Over this entire period, Neptune is edging into the career area of your life, bringing both inspiration and confusion at the workplace. Adapting to the many changes facing the world will be more difficult for other signs, so if you approach others with compassion and communicate the direction to follow, the world is yours. And Neptune acts as the planet bringing you irresistible charisma.

Your personal year begins unfolding on May 20. Not only will the first solar eclipse of 2012 be on May 20 just as the Sun enters your sign, but beautiful Venus will be in a perfect trine with Saturn, the great “giver of form,” while basking in the glow of gift-giving Spica the next day. This will set the stage for you to put a great creative effort into form and dazzle others.

Venus will cross the face of the Sun on June 5, also in Tropical Gemini, and this special event will not happen again until 2117. What you make happen right now can have an impact for well over 100 years.

If that isn’t enough to attain your dreams, you have an entire year to get there. From June 12, 2012 through June 26, 2013, the follow-through is available, as abundant, benefic Jupiter will be in your sign this entire time offering you and your career great growth. If there was any question, this is your year, Gemini. Seize it!

During the beginning of Jupiter’s year in your sign, Venus and her blessings continue to appear to be traveling “backwards” in Gemini to be very close to Jupiter again from June 20 through July 17. Whether you meet the partner of your life or the partner for your career, your life is opening to amazing new possibilities.

“Your astrological chart is the map that you are given at birth as your personal outline of your life’s possibilities.” – Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058

On July 14, your chart ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde until August 7. While this tends to be a time of reflection, review and even revisions, particularly for Gemini and Virgo, you have both Venus and Jupiter in your sign keeping the finances and enjoyment of life healthy and happy. August 6 is the date that Venus leaves Gemini following a remarkable “summer of love,” both at work and at home.

Never fear though, this evolving process just means the planet of love, harmony and joy is moving into your “money house” in a flow aspect with mystical, creative Neptune at the same time your planet Mercury moves forward again. While some of your efforts were in the stress of creative birth during May and June, July and August will bring more ease to complete your work in your own time.

When the challenges appear throughout the upcoming year, you not only will have Jupiter in your sign, but you will be the Messenger in an era when messaging rules—a very advantageous position.

Mercury goes retrograde on November 8 through November 26-27 while Venus is flowing blessings to you from Libra. November 13 brings the last solar eclipse before December 21, 2012. It is at a time when Venus and Jupiter are still looking after Gemini, so you will, again keep things going.

Now, about the great “end of time” on December 21, 2012: There have been many “ends of time” throughout human existence, and all indicate the transition to a new age. What it will look like for Gemini natives in the workplace is managing a “wounded” leader, parental figure or partner through your wisdom and confidence. You’ll make their day.

The next period when your ruler Mercury is retrograde is February 23 through March 18th in the sign of Pisces. This will require more agility on your part, as there will be a great deal of confusion for people around this retrograde period. Take care, don’t overreach, and you’ll be fine. Others may simply be too “muddled” in thought to hear you. A much more agreeable April and May will ensue and in June 2013 you begin to relax and enjoy your accomplishments over this amazing birthday year. This will be a culmination and a look back over your year to see the remarkable things that you have accomplished. Celebrate!

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5 thoughts on “Your Gemini Career Forecast for May 2012 to May 2013

  1. Stephen

    What a crock of sheet!!!

    Where do you get off with all this bullsheet! Really!

    I am a Gemini and all of this is absolute crap. There is not one word that rings true to me.

    You are all just a bunch of deluded fools, ready for the looney rubbish bin.

  2. Kathleen

    Nicely done!!!! You covered all of the major aspects affecting Geminis throughout the year in a very concise and informativie manner!!! What the public doesn’t know is that they can apply this information to whatever area of the chart Gemini rules!!!


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