Gemini, Unlock Your Sexy Side

Release the Kinky Genius

Mojo maintenance is serious business, and the more you know about yourself, the better lover you can become. Check out what revs you up, strips your gears, or keeps your engine purring.

The Sexual Chameleon of the Zodiac

Geminis are known for their one and only real fetish—variety. Your dual nature allows you to be an open-minded lover constantly looking for the next adventure. No mate of yours will ever claim boredom in the bedroom, that’s for sure. Your flexibility and adaptability make you a fun lover for many other signs to enjoy and experience.

Brain Sex

Intellectual foreplay is one of your biggest turn-ons with a partner, as a major stimulation for you is wittiness and imagination. Dirty talk and phone sex are some of your favorite foreplay activities, much to the delight of your lucky lovers.

The Mojo Blockade

If you are with a partner who does not bring said mojo to the relationship, hiccups will eventually occur in the bedroom. Monotony and traditionalism have no place for you here (or anywhere in your life for that matter), so if your mate can’t be open to adventurous bedroom experiences, you can easily become sexually oppressed. The same goes for intellectual foreplay; a lover who can’t keep up with the sexy, witty banter you so enjoy may ultimately leave the two of you sexually dissatisfied.

“Every act of sex is an act of love, but being in love is not required to have an intimate experience.” Psychic Rowan ext. 5423

Recouping the Mojo

Knowing your sensual self will give you the information you need should any sexual kinks arise. If you are with a lover who you are feeling sexually frustrated with, then try shaking things up. Just because your partner does not initiate the activities you enjoy in the bedroom, does not mean they aren’t open to them. It’s up to you then, to show them the way. Introduce the enticing scenarios, dirty talk, positions, etc. which your passionate inner Gemini revels in, and see how your partner reacts. If you two are incompatible signs, communicating your needs will at least let them know that perhaps you would be better suited to different lovers. After all, one doesn’t need an Austin Powers journey to discover that your mojo is always with you so long as you are not repressing it. It’s up to you to look inside yourself for whatever you are missing in your life, sexual or otherwise, in order to reset your unique mojo barometer.

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

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14 thoughts on “Gemini, Unlock Your Sexy Side

  1. Beerly oribanic

    I am a gemini and love to be sexy and express myself in the bedroom..Aries is the best one suited for a Gemini but all depends on the other person..I do love sex talk and mind sex but I have to play it out…It isn’t just the thought but the action as well so if it is said I want to at least try it….. I love to dance exy, dress sexy and that is for me…I enjoy it and thus others do as well. I am 62 and don’t act or feel it or even look it asI have been told….Yeah for Geminis but the Gemini men are not the same…


    I was with another Gemini for 8mths. Sex was good, felt a very strong connection, but he
    started slagging off and was not attentive a times. It did not work out.

  3. Renee Robinson

    Am a gemini and i have always had a sexy side to me and the bedroom is when the both have there way….

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