Your Career Forecast for October 2012

This Month at Work

Saturn finishes his “business” in Libra the first week of October after being in that sign for about two and a half years. The time has come to take those wonderful ideas and creations and share them with everyone who counts. The Sun joins Saturn on the evening of Monday, October 22, so by the end of the month you’ll begin to see how to build the next phase of your career. The world is waiting!


October begins with Mars leaving the “other sign” that he rules, Scorpio, and he is now in friendly Sagittarius. So, the first week of October is all about finishing business involving partnerships, and it’s also about adversaries at work. This fires you up and brings travel and educational opportunities. In fact, you are amazed at your own brilliant ideas and you feel free to move ahead.


At the beginning of October your Sun sign ruler, Venus moves into your house of creativity. Inventive inspiration could come from friends if you put their romantic/spiritual ideas into form. With Saturn and the Sun moving into Scorpio during the last week of the month you will be considering relationship responsibilities in conjunction with your career, and this will last over the next two and a half years. Are your relationship responsibilities in conflict with your career responsibilities? Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 has the solution!


During the first week of October some amazing design plans for business and artistic expression will pop up in your mind. Be certain to speak seriously and with care when communicating, and by Friday your creativity could bring big rewards! Inspiration continues with fabulous ideas and cooperation from others mid-month.


You will find relief from the “bumpy ride” you experienced at the end of September through the creative side of your career when October begins. You’ll be finding much better ways to communicate your feelings through these creative efforts. When Saturn and the Sun enter the creative area of your life at the end of October, you’ll begin building the strength and courage to become a powerhouse of talent and financial flow.


Pay attention to friends and networking at the beginning of the month, particularly on Thursday October 4 and Friday the 5th. This could bring some great ideas that will serve your career. You’ll find many opportunities mid-month to communicate some great ideas with clarity and passion. Let those fiery ideals drive your speech and writing.


An educational or travel environment could offer a breakthrough in the research on your big project at the beginning of October. Venus moves into your sign on Wednesday, October 3 opening you to several weeks of good financial benefits at work with other positive influences impacting your career. You’ll be pleased with success in projects through October with a huge new focus on communications and on siblings toward the end of the month that will last for over two years.


The Sun keeps shining its light on you this month making people notice you in a positive way. They will see you as a leader or someone with other career potential. The week of October 15 begins with the New Moon in Libra with Saturn now in Scorpio. It is time for a “new life” after the foundation-building process of Saturn in your sign over the past two years.


If October doesn’t begin with a work romance, it could be a sexy idea that brings attention to you and your work. Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday the 5th allowing you to truly express your ideas powerfully. When Saturn and the Sun join Mercury in Scorpio for the last 10 days of the month you are ready to rock.


Venus enters your career house on Thursday, October 4 and you could find new opportunities for a pay increase or a beneficial female at work could help your creative efforts. By the second week of October, Mars will have entered Sagittarius bringing high energy and career drive. Mid-month you will be unstoppable at work.


After managing personal issues, yet still managing your career demands, mid-October brings a time when you can finally give total focus to work objectives. Your Sun sign ruler, Saturn’s and the Sun’s move into Scorpio on the week of October 22 is removing the sense of burden from your career that has been operating for the past two and a half years.


Partners at work and at home bring intensity on Monday, October 1 that could prove to be an exciting challenge. A solid, reliable friend holds the idea about how to turn this challenge into an advantage for your career. Mid-month you can use technology to give you an advantage that will last through the end of the month.


Continue to take care of yourself during the first week of October as you also take care of your career and you will find your focus returning to your job over the next month. The key is balance. Creative expression and romantic inspiration run high mid-October

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    your forecast is very wonderful and keep helping people the same way as you had been doing and all the best to all the forecasters and I WISH THEM FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN THEIR LIFE

  2. hassan saadat

    some times things look very close to likely events to happen . Reading of past is often interesting but future is difficult to be predicated .We as a muslim do not believe that future can be correctly predicatedby any one .

  3. Louise Joy C. Berongan

    Hoping that your ideas can be my guide for my present and future life. Thank you for sharing your time. It would be more easy for me to understand what will be the outcome of my life if you got the chance to foresee my career, health and love. Will there be more positive changes in my life this time? More power and God speed!


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