Your April 2016 Money Horoscope: Expect the Unexpected

April money horoscope

Watch Your Impulses

This month, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected in order to feel more secure about your finances. After all, forewarned is forearmed, right? Driving this need for forethought are a number of celestial transformations.

First, Venus will enter Aries on the 5th, which is why it’s crucial that you refrain from making spur-of-the-moment purchases and investments. Then, impulsive Mars and transformative Pluto will retrograde on the 17th and 18th, respectively, so you’ll want to make sure you file your taxes (in the U.S.) on time to avoid any mix-ups and misunderstandings. Saturn is also retrograde at this time, so some of your decisions may have unexpected consequences that could inevitably involve money. Mercury will once again turn retrograde this month, but fortunately that won’t occur until the 28th, so most of April will be free of the usual Mercury retrograde warnings.

Now, let’s check out what the April money horoscope has to say for your sun sign.

If you’re looking to advance your financial position via your career, April 5th is a great astrological day for you to do so. That day, you’ll have Venus in your sign, Mercury in your house of money and Saturn in a fiery trine with the Sun. Basically, the stars are aligned for your success.

You’re in for a busy and exciting month in almost every aspect of life, but when it comes to your finances, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort in order to get noticed by those who can improve your money situation.

When it comes to money matters, take care of business before mid-month, and if you need help make sure to enlist the services of others. You may have questions and concerns, but an expert can put your busy mind at ease. Going it alone will only add to your confusion.

Trips and travel may be on your agenda. However, with Venus in your impulsive, fellow-cardinal sign Aries for most of the month you’ll feel the urge to splurge. So, be sure to use cash and when it gives out, it’s time to go home. Leave your credit cards locked away and out of sight so you can fully enjoy the month without financial stress.

If you didn’t take action last month, perhaps April will be the right time to chat with the boss about that raise or promotion. Circle April 18th on your calendar: That’s when money-loving Venus and karmic Saturn in fellow fire signs will lend the ultimate support. Otherwise, try your luck at the lottery.

Your April money horoscope is pointing to lots of astrological support in your house of shared money between the 5th and the 9th. What a wonderful time to branch out on your own in business or a joint venture. However, your ruler, Mercury, will retrograde on the 28th, so make this a trial run and don’t sign the official papers after May 22nd.

As the planets shift their focus from Aries to Taurus, your house of shared money becomes alive. Mercury will move into Taurus first at the beginning of the month, but your best bet for a financial windfall will come on the 29th when your ruling planet Venus enters Taurus— ironically it’s the day after Mercury goes retrograde.

Mars will live in your house of money all month and, in the sign of Sagittarius, Mars is impulsive and unpredictable. Therefore, your financial forecast is calling on you to summon whatever willpower you have to keep from spending all of your hard-earned money. Stick to necessary purchases only, if possible.

Between April 5th and June 12th Mercury will be in Taurus, your house of day-to-day living. You may start to realize just how many things you want and need in your life to make it more comfortable. However since Mercury will also be retrograde through most of May, try not to buy anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. You’ll be glad you held back if an unexpected expense pops up.

If you’re looking for some financial freedom, tell it to the moon. The moon will be supportive in independent Aquarius twice in your April money horoscope. Look to the time around the 2nd and the 30th to refinance or land some lucrative side-work—you will be able to boost your financial status during these times without the usual obstacles.

Mercury, the planet of commerce, will spend quite a while this month in the house that represents your home and hearth. If you’re planning on moving, buying a new place or just fixing up your current home, having Mercury in Taurus will give you an eye for making your surroundings more comfortable and inviting—just don’t go overboard.

Temptation and the urge to splurge may be too much to handle with Venus in your house of money for most of your April money horoscope. But resist you must, especially if you’re banking on making up the different tomorrow. Luckily, after the 29th a more sensible approach to finances will prevail.

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