How to Woo Each Zodiac Sign

How to Woo Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Love Among the Zodiac

Knowing how to woo each zodiac sign is imperative for all you lusty lovers out there. Try these wooing ways on the sign of your choice. If it gives you blissful results, you’re doing it right. But if you want to try someone new, there’s 11 other zodiac signs for you to choose from. To ensure mutually pleasurable seduction, read both the sun and rising signs of your intended sweetheart.


Both male and female Rams tend to love to take the lead, so keep that in mind when you set your heart on those ruled by the God of War. They also love to win, so let them chase you until you catch them. They adore it when you focus only on them. Flattery is a sure-fire way to woo these lovers.


Lovely flowers, heartfelt pampering, and a tender touch is the way to woo the Bull. They are ruled by Venus, so they naturally respond to loving allurements. Beautiful music, delectable food, and a big, soft bed can entice them to follow you along like a trail of heart-shaped chocolates. Be ready for some lusty all-night loving.


Did a Gemini invent sexting? It’s entirely possible, because words can get their woo-juices bubbling. You can only reach their hearts, and their beds, by going through their bright minds. Witty flirtation is a must. Make them laugh. They adore long conversations as a kind of foreplay in which you find out all about each other.


To make the moon-ruled Crab feel well-wooed, start by investing time into drawing them out of their shells through intimate conversation, thoughtful actions, and demonstrating that you want to create the security of a real relationship. Show them caring romance by strewing rose petals along the path to your comfy bed with plush pillows and soft sheets to further melt their tender hearts.


Hone your laser beam focus of love on them like a limelight, and they will blossom before you like a hothouse flower. Woo-ship them and they will reward you with Big Cat intensity in lovemaking. Deep down they wear an inner crown and treating the proud Lion like royalty will entice them to open their big, loyal, generous heart to you.


Let us dismiss the notion that all Virgos are virginal. With the exception of a few, most are fascinated with all things sexual. The Virgin might even inspire you to try a new sensual thing or two, making you feel ever so satisfied. Being caring and genuinely kind, as well as sparkling clean, nicely dressed, and sweet-smelling are all paramount requirements when wooing the Virgin.


Look your best if you wish to court a Venusian. These beauty-loving beings are ruled by the Goddess of Love, so your sensual desires must be based in sincerity as well as passion. Romancing them with flowers and luxurious gifts is a great way to cast a woo spell. Always be fair in bed and give them as much pleasure as you would want yourself, and they will return your ardor, making you so very glad you did.


If you wish to woo one of these sexy lovers, and of course you do, then be sweet, sensitive, and gentle, for Scorpions can be very tender in the love arena. Bringing them their favorite flowers and candies is a perfect start. Be sure to use your intuition in everything you say and do around them, because they’ll be doing the same with you. Yes, they can read your naughty mind.


Get your come-hither on, and bring your sense of woo-humor too, because the Archer loves a fun, flirty, sexy romp that includes laughter and some high-spirited action. Think of how a stallion seduces a mare and vice-versa. Or how a mare seduces a mare. Or how a stallion seduces another stallion. As you wish.


When work stops, Goats love wooing to begin. They adore being treated like they are more special than diamonds. Think of some of those yesteryear Hollywood movies and the glamorous, sophisticated, sensual way the stars slowly seduced one another into bed, and you’ll be well on your way to winning your Cappy’s heart.


All that nonsense you’ve heard about Aquarius being ice-cold? Jettison it. They are intensely passionate once they are turned on. The best way to woo a Water-Bearer is through their brilliant intellect. All seduction begins in the brain, so if you intrigue them by using your wit and humor, things can turn steamy fast. Hot tip: They’ll adore you for showing kindness to people and animals.


Paddle the extra woo-water mile when romancing the Fish. They are sensitive, perceptive, and love to be gently seduced. Start with a tender love note, then a scrumptious meal, followed by a sweet massage, paying special attention to their finely formed feet. They’ll be so charmed they’ll swim right into your loving arms for mutually blissful delights.

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