The Lover’s Path Tarot: February 9 – 15

Lover's Path Tarot: February 9-15 | California Psychics

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Have you ever noticed how people treat you the way you treat yourself? Well, the creator of The Lover’s Path Tarot, Kris Waldherr thinks so, too. So much so, in fact, that she based her concept for this deck on that axiom.

She’s created a deck that illustrates that emotional and spiritual wisdom is won by daring to love! As we grow a loving relationship to ourselves the whole world follows suit. And, speaking of suits, they have different names. Swords are Arrows, Wands are Staves, Pentacles are Coins, and Cups remain Cups! The Major Arcana in this deck showcases the great lovers throughout the world in myth and legend, but, it’s in a way that goes a lot deeper than red and pink hearts.

Oh, I know, I love red and pink, too. Especially together! But, in these cards love is a progression mirroring our journey to self realization and realization of the “Divine” however we conceive of it. I guess that’s why they seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day.

So, let’s step together into the beautiful world of immortal lovers. Ancient stories are waiting, and Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Brew your favorite libation, take a deep breath, and focus on love.

February 9 – Sunday

Illusion (The Moon)

Emotions will be very intense today. It will be difficult to distinguish the difference between fantasy and true intuitive hits. Intense hopes and fears may be what you’re “reading” in an important situation. What makes this trickier is the fact that genuine intuitive knowledge is flooding through to you at the same time.

You might feel that you’ve landed under a “spell”. The spell could be pleasant, or the opposite. Ivan and Odette, and their story in the ballet Swan Lake, is an allegory for this condition. Find it in some version you enjoy and read the plot! It will add light to your situation today.

The card’s message for today is: Enjoy the chimerical visions in your mind but wait to make decisions on romantic proposals. You will be better able to sort out the wishful from the true.

February 10 – Monday

Princess of Cups (Page of Cups)

This princess walks alone next to flowing water under a crescent moon. It is the springtime of an emotional connection! Her happiness is growing as the relationship becomes fuller and brighter with the moon. She is youth personified and represents you emotionally today.

She holds a large chalice of happiness painted in subtle pastels. Her rose colored gown is simple and topped with the white shawl of pure intentions. It is a beautiful time for her. She represents a “young” relationship which is growing in and around you.

The card’s message for today is: Take it slow and gracefully in the development of this romance. It will come to fruition with the next Full Moon.

February 11 – Tuesday

Six of Cups

The cups of love have grown bigger and now hold red roses! This loving couple ambles through a green meadow, near a flowing brook. They are doing nothing in particular and just enjoy being together as the hours slip away.

They are like children together and create joy out of whatever is around them. Sadness from past relationships evaporates. Peace and sweetness reign as their laughter merges with the babbling of the brook.

The card is saying: Enjoy unstructured time together. This will open space for healing and sharing. The strengths, not the pain, of what you learned in past relationships weave into one with the new.

February 12 – Wednesday

Two of Cups

The energy is very romantic today! You might give and receive a commitment at some level. It could just be the acknowledgment that you are, in fact, a couple and you both announce it to the world.

The card says to recognize where you are with another person on the pathway to love. Don’t rush ahead or hold back. Enjoy each stage of love as it progresses.

February 13 – Thursday

Three of Cups

You may now be telling your families and close friends about each other and your relationship. A celebration is taking place. The card warns to not go overboard when including others, especially estranged family members and friends. They may not instantly give you the response you desire. Let the feeling grow between you and your love in privacy and secrecy today.

February 14 – Friday

Ace of Cups

A new cycle begins as the relationship goes up to another and greater level. You may realize that this is the “big” love for you and that it could last forever! A soul mate feeling permeates this day. You feel deeply connected with yourself as you more deeply connect with your lover. Protect this, too, as you would protect a newborn. You two could emerge as an item in your circle.

February 15 – Saturday

Four of Arrows (Swords)

Unlike the traditional image of a solitary figure resting on his swords in a crypt, this couple is retreating together. They appear to be by the ocean and the waves break against rocky cliffs while they sleep.

Their arrows are put aside. For now all striving is gone in the deep sleep of peace and fulfillment. They are far from others and are “alone together” in solitude.

The words “Occident” and “Orient” frame their sleeping chamber. Perfect balance has been restored by the fury of their passion.

The card is saying: Guard your alone time together.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Relationship Cross

Shuffle the cards thoroughly and ask to be told what you most need to know about this relationship. Lay the cards face down on the table and pull thirteen cards randomly from the deck. Lay them out in the cross shaped diagram below, in the order in which you selected them.

These cards are read in sets of three. This helps give voice to the shading and complexity of your relationship.

The cards are turned over and read in an unusual order.

Cards 1-3: The Questioner’s role in this relationship.

Cards 5-7: The other person’s role in this relationship.

Cards 11-13: The past of this relationship.

Cards 8-10: The future of this relationship.

Card 4: The final outcome.




1 2 3   4  5  6  7




Wishing you love in whichever shape and form you most desire! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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