What’s Your Destiny Number?

Your Destiny Number is your power number in numerology. This number can reveal a lot about yourself, your loved ones, co-workers and friends. Figuring out your power number in numerology is as easy as adding up 1 and 2 and 3 – literally. And once you’ve figured it out, you’re on your way to learning a lot more, not only about yourself, but about loved ones, co-workers and friends.

Also known as your life path or destiny number, your power number is simply the sum of the month, day and year you were born. To unlock a whole universe of fascinating insights, add your birth date numbers together, and then again, until you have a single digit. The only exception would be if you end up with the numbers 11 or 22 – those are master numbers with an added dimension, so write them as 11/2 and 22/4.

Let’s say you were born on January 31, 1962. You add 1 (January is month number one) + 31+ 1962, which equals 1994. Then add 1+9+9+4, and you have 23, which you then add together to get 5 – and presto… you have your power number. Each reveals skills and gifts that you can call on any time, anywhere, like an ace in the hole or a secret weapon, as described in the sketches below.

1 = creation and individuality. 1’s are the idea people, the startup entrepreneurs, the ones out in front of the pack who may not even notice the pack following along behind. You want to start a new branch or department? Get a 1, but be prepared to find another power number to keep it running later. Most compatible with 3, 5, 8, 9, 11/2 and 22/4.

2 = cooperation and diplomacy. Relationships are supremely important to 2’s. They are sensitive, receptive, deeply emotional and sometimes quite shy. With their profound insight into the nuances of people’s behavior, they make wonderful, giving mates, parents, business partners and mediators. Most compatible with 4, 6, 8, 11/2 and 22/4.

3 = self-expression. 3’s are charming, creative, often beautiful and masters of the art of conversation. They are great writers, performers and public speakers, and they have a gift for enjoying life and helping others have just as much fun. They don’t have to seek the spotlight; it automatically picks them out of a crowd. Most compatible with 1, 5, 6 9,11/2 and 22/4.

4 = self discipline. Hard working, reliable and organized, 4’s enjoy putting their skills to work on the practicalities of life, and they can be counted on to keep things running like a well tuned machine. Their home and roots are vital to them, and their loyalty, once given, is unshakeable. Most compatible with 2, 6, 7, 8, and 22/4.

5 = freedom and change. If you want to learn the art of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and charging at life with renewed zest, get to know a 5. They are resourceful, versatile, adaptable and love change and surprises. Although they’re very sexy, keep in mind that their eyes always return to the distant horizon. Most compatible with 1, 3 and 9.

6 = service and social consciousness. At their very best as teachers, healers and counselors, 6’s are devoted to both their personal families and the larger family of Earth dwellers, human and otherwise. Their concern for truth and justice doesn’t, however, keep them from being enthusiastic and talented homebodies. Most compatible with 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 11/2 and 22/4.

7 = intellectual and spiritual development. The ultimate ivory tower dwellers, wise 7’s are much more familiar with the inner space of the mind than the external world. Whether their intense scrutiny is focused on science, philosophy, or metaphysics, they’re most excited when they explore the secrets of the universe. Most compatible with 4.

8 = material success. This power number opens the door to high achievement in business and finance. Blessed with good judgment, exceptional executive ability, and a talent for turning a profit, 8’s at their best wield their natural authority for the benefit of their employees and the community. Most compatible with 1, 2, 4, 6, 11/2 and 22/4.

9 = universal awareness. 9’s have an active, often spiritual concern for global health and well being. As the number 9 represents the mathematical completion of a cycle, so do 9’s represent the completion of a cycle of learning, having lived each of the other power numbers in previous lives. They are compassionate, tolerant and generous, and can be accomplished artists and thinkers. Most compatible with 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 22/4.

11/2 = visionary idealism. The artistic and inventive genius of 11/2 is married to the sensitivity and intuition of its base number, 2. These visionaries see outside the boundaries of society and culture and literally and figuratively paint alternative futures for us. They work best when grounded by a practical partner. Most compatible with 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and particularly 22/4.

22/4 = practical idealism. These geniuses not only see the future, they create it. Their orientation is universal, and their mastery of the material world enables them to put their charisma and personal power to work in service to all mankind. They are found in the highest echelons of government throughout the world. Most compatible with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and especially 11/2.

Like any divination system, numerology has many layers you can explore. Your name can reveal three layers of your personality. And your life evolves through challenges, pinnacles and personal years. There are even karmic numbers. As you’ll learn when you tinker with this Power Number information, numerology is rich with insights and, even better, one of the easiest divination systems to learn and use at many levels.

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12 thoughts on “What’s Your Destiny Number?

  1. angela

    actually how it should be worked out is:


    Therefore your number is 22 which is i think called a prime (?).. the 22/4 is that in some forms of numerology 22 is not always recognized… in which case 22 would break down further into 2+2=4 which is where the 22/4 comes from.

    Hope this helps… and it also explains why you have always had it as 4…

  2. Heather

    Ok my bday is 12-17-1982
    I added
    12=3 so now I take 3+8=11! ok so now I use the formula 11/2 ??
    17=8 (cuz u r to stop if you add a # 11 or 22 and use 11/2 or 22/4)
    1982=20=2+0=2 so now I take 11/2+2(my year I was born)=11/4

    I was confused to for I had always had my Life Path # for my records as a 4 and when this 11 came in I thought it would change but it STILL ended up being a number 4 and now with an added dimension!! Hope this helps!

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  4. sandra

    I don’t understand the way it is calculated.iwas born june 25th 1979 and I have calculated mine to d point that I got 21.what’s next?

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