What Kind of Lover Are You?

Love is a complicated thing – and sex even more so! Did you know that no matter what your Sun Sign says, when it comes to sex, you may actually have more in common with one of the astrological elements? In other words, in your world of pleasure and partners, you may be more Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Knowing where you fit in, when it comes to the elements of love, can be the difference between a sex life that sizzles and frolic that fizzles.

Take our quiz and find out more.

1. The cute colleague you’ve been flirting with for ages approaches you one night after work in the parking lot and proposes a cocktail. You think…

a) Perfect, here’s your chance to really get to know them.

b) Oh, they do like you after all! But you don’t want to seem too interested so you suggest a date sometime in the near future.

c) Sounds good, but you’ve already planned out your night. You say you’d like to get together – how about this weekend?

d) Who needs a drink? You grab them right there and make your move in the parking lot!

2. You’re out with friends on a Friday night and encounter someone you might be interested in. That person is…

a) Slyly sexual and mysterious.

b) Down to earth and easy to talk to with unintimidating sensuality.

c) Confident and obviously intelligent.

d) Gorgeous. The best looking person in the bar by far!

3. Sex, to you is…

a) A way to plumb the depths of hidden pleasures.

b) An earthly pleasure – best enjoyed with someone you trust.

c) A way out of your head and into your partner’s!

d) The ultimate explosion of all your energy – bigger, better, faster, harder!

4. When it comes to sexual fantasy, your thoughts tend towards the:

a) Pretty conventional.

b) You like to see it all.

c) Role play all the way.

d) Leather, latex, lingerie.

5. When it comes to the art of seduction, you usually consider yourself…

a) Ever-changing. You’re comfortable as pursuer or pursued.

b) Steady. You know what you like and don’t usually switch things up.

c) Talkative – whether it’s top or bottom you dominate with mind games!

d) Passionate with a capital “P!”


Mostly a: Sail away to satisfaction…
Water Sign or not, you’ve got a lot in common with Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Not that you’re surprised – you’ve always known you had a penchant for the dark side (even if it takes you a little while to let it out). You’re best with other Water Sign types or maybe even an Earth Sign. Steer clear of Air, as they won’t be able to satisfy your need for spiritual connection (sex, for you, after all, is a transcendental experience). Unless you’re in the market for a one-nighter, leave the Fire Signs to burn out on their own.

Mostly b: Get down and dirty…
Lucky you (and your partner)! Earth Signs are the most sensual of the zodiac – take one look at a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn and you’ll be hard pressed to miss their earthy sex appeal. However, unlike Air, Fire and even Water Signs, when it comes to sex, trust is paramount for these practical people. These salt of the earth types aim to please and are willing to dig in their heels and make it happen. If you fit this description, go for another Earth Sign or try your hand at Water (just be aware they can be intense). Conversely, Air Signs will not give you the reliability that you need (they’re more likely to fly away), and Fire Signs, well, they’re just too much drama for someone with their feet so firmly planted… in the bed.

Mostly cs: Soar to new heights…
It seems that you find yourself piqued by people who challenge your mind. Whether it’s elaborate fantasies, suggestive conversations or simply a wandering imagination of forbidden adventures, your turn-ons, like those of Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are of the cerebral variety. So, if you want to whip up a frenzy of lust in your life, why not put some of those fantasies to use. And, if you really want to soar to new sexual heights – find yourself another Air Sign or walk the coals for a Fire Sign. You’ll find their daredevil streak inspiring to say the least.

Mostly ds: Burn, baby, burn!
You, oh firey one, are someone who likes to spice things up in the bedroom and beyond. Like the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), your need for speed, penchant for passion and addiction to adrenaline can sometimes be overwhelming – and you need a lover who is going to keep up. Beautiful things (and people) really appeal to you, which is also the case with the Air Signs who are no doubt your best match. Unlike the other elements (who tend to do well sticking with their own kind), a Fire on Fire combination is a risky endeavor – likely to combust. Consider what you’re after when you choose a lover. If it’s the long haul and an Air seems too flighty, you can think about a Water Sign (Scorpio in particular). Earth Signs are also potential carnal matches, but we both know you’ll probably scorch their hearts – and you, more than any other element must remember that karma extends to your sex life, too!

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