Your “Houses” in Astrology

The 1st House, otherwise known as the “rising sign” (or ascendant), is the face you present to the world – both in personality and physical appearance. When your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon falls into your 1st House, they will have an immediate and profound affect on you – at a very personal level. For instance, your partner will inspire feelings of love if their Venus falls into your 1st House. Your desire to show affection will be heightened.

The 2nd House describes your values and moneymaking abilities. When your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon falls into your 2nd House, it can influence your values, including how you earn and spend money. For instance, if your partner’s Saturn falls into your 2nd House, it will have a sobering affect on your values. Your partner may require you to deal more maturely with finances, such as saving money and spending wisely.

The 3rd House represents your mental abilities and how you communicate. When your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon falls into your 3rd House, they will inspire, awaken, energize or hinder your ideas and need to communicate. For instance, your partner’s Uranus in your 3rd House will trigger innovative, startling ideas. The communication in your relationship will be unconventional, with the intention to enlighten (or shock!) each other.

The 4th House describes your family and home environment. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 4th House affects your ability to live together and build a home and family as a couple. For instance, your partner’s Jupiter in your 4th House is an excellent placement for bringing joy and a sense of optimism into the home. You may desire a large home that’s a showplace for entertaining.

The 5th House describes your love life, children and creativity. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 5th House can be a compelling romantic tie. It can also awaken your creativity and the desire to have children. For instance, your partner’s Moon in your 5th House indicates that their emotional nature inspires your passion. Sharing your feelings with each other also heightens your creativity (and procreativity!).

The 6th House represents your work and health. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 6th House affects your work, diet and exercise routines. For instance, your partner’s Mars in your 6th House energizes you physically. You will share a dynamic interest in work projects and health-related activities. However, arguments over dividing up tasks is the downside of this Mars placement.

The 7th House describes your marriage and professional partnerships. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 7th House affects how you view them as a potential mate or business partner. For instance, you’ll feel your partner’s spirituality, sensitivity or deception when their Neptune falls in your 7th house. However, Neptune doesn’t like to be defined or tied down, so commitment may be lacking in your relationship.

The 8th House is the area of sex, death, joint resources and emotional transformation. A strong sexual connection can occur when your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon falls in your 8th House. You may also share an interest in the afterlife on a spiritual level, and building wealth on a practical level. For instance, you’ll find your partner’s individuality and charisma sexually attractive if his/her Sun falls into your 8th House. Your relationship may be a source of emotional healing for each other as well.

The 9th House describes your philosophy, faith and long-distance travel. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 9th House affects your views about religion and other cultures. For instance, your partner’s Mercury in your 9th House will prompt lively discussions about religious beliefs and what the future holds, both on a global level and as a couple. Traveling together will be a source of learning and discovery for you.

The 10th House describes your career and reputation. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 10th House heightens your desire to accomplish your goals. You may even work together at some point in time. For instance, your partner’s Pluto in your 10th House heightens your desire for power in the professional world. They will help you focus on your goals and provide you with the needed resources to succeed.

The 11th House describes your friends, aspirations and associations with groups. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 11th House is a friendship tie. They will support your dreams and be a source of insight for you. You may also work together for a cause. For instance, your partner’s Neptune in your 11th House is a friendship based on spirituality and compassion. They will inspire you to help others.

The 12th House describes your unconscious and your past, including past lives. Your partner’s planet, Sun or Moon in your 12th House indicates a karmic connection. You’ll often have an intuitive bond as well. For instance, your partner’s Venus in your 12th House indicates love carried over from a past life. Perhaps you were lovers, friends or siblings. Whatever the connection, you’ll feel an immediate, mysterious affinity with each other.

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