Your LOVECAST™: Heartfelt Talks and Promoting Your Ideas

Love has an earthy, sensual vibe at the start of the week. Flirting escalates mid-week, a good time for heartfelt talks and promoting your ideas, too. Feelings are extremely chaotic on Friday, so strive to stay balanced. Moon in Cancer inspires deep, maybe tumultuous feelings this weekend. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Week of October 5 – 11, 2009

Libra: Good food and a leisurely massage heat up passion at the beginning of the week. Romance can be found during a spiritual gathering or class toward the middle of the week – especially on Thursday. Promote your projects then, as well. A clash over ideals or spiritual beliefs can disrupt love on Friday. Create an enticing ambiance at home to rev up romance this weekend!

Scorpio: “Opposites attract” is the theme for romance at the beginning of the week, when partnership energy escalates. Verbalizing your naughty side heats up passion midweek! A party can inspire romance – and friendship – as well. Intimacy gets complicated on Friday. The future of your love life is revealed this weekend, if you heed your intuition.

Sagittarius: Flirting at the gym or during a work project can bring romance at the start of the week. Sharing your expertise brings kudos on Wednesday. A sexy rendezvous can be especially fun on Thursday. Mixed messages (and other weird communications) abound on Friday. Intimacy is hot but emotionally complicated this weekend!

Capricorn: Your powers of attraction skyrocket at the beginning of the week! It’s also a good time to work on or promote your creative projects. An innovative idea brings you recognition at work midweek, so reveal your brainpower. A work situation may unhinge you on Friday. Romance soars this weekend, if you don’t let negative thinking get in the way.

Aquarius: A gathering of friends (or a party for two) at your home may bring delight toward the beginning of the week. Sharing your humor and braininess attracts romance toward the middle of the week. You’re especially creative in the boudoir on Thursday! Your unpredictable side may throw others off balance on Friday, and lending a helping hand inspires romance over the weekend.

Pisces: Feelings are deep and soulful at the start of the week, when verbalizing what’s in your heart accelerates romance. Creating an alluring ambiance makes passion sizzle midweek. Entertaining friends can bring satisfaction as well. Interactions with your family or partner are combative on Friday. Romance sizzles this weekend, especially on Sunday!

Aries: A natural environment (hiking, a picnic, an outdoor café) sends passion soaring at the beginning of the week. Communications skyrocket toward the middle of the week, so share what’s in your heart and mind. Romance can be found while traveling, too. Family interactions are challenging on Friday. A cozy night in or throwing a party energizes you this weekend!

Taurus: Romance falls in your lap at the beginning of the week, when your sensuality makes you irresistible! Plan something fun with your sweetie, or keep your eyes open for someone new. Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Wednesday. Rash words or gossip can cause stress on Friday. Flirting and other communications make love bloom this weekend.

Gemini: A serene setting can deepen an intimate encounter at the start of the week. Your intuition will be especially strong, so listen to that inner guidance. Your powers of attraction kick into high gear midweek, especially on Wednesday. You’ll get irritated or upset easily on Friday. Revealing your deepest feelings accelerates love this weekend!

Cancer: A group project or friendly gathering attracts romance at the beginning of the week. Flirting is especially fun from Tuesday through Thursday, when a trip for two can lead to love – or enhance it. Staying emotionally balanced will be difficult on Friday, when feelings are unpredictable. You’re a magnet for both love and lust this weekend, especially on Sunday!

Leo: Networking with colleagues can lead to a career opportunity or romantic interlude at the start of the week, so get out there and socialize! Friends bring joy – and maybe romance – toward the middle of the week, especially on Thursday. A community event might create opportunities, too. Choose your companions carefully on Friday. A cozy, peaceful locale makes romance soar this weekend!

Virgo: Passion escalates in an exotic locale at the start of the week. Strive to see the bigger picture of your direction, too. Your sensuality revs up romance on Wednesday, if you don’t take things too seriously. Look for a career opportunity on Thursday, but watch out for work complications on Friday. A group activity inspires romance this weekend!

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