Your LOVECAST™: An Idealistic Vibe Needs a Reality Check

Venus collides with Jupiter and Neptune this week, giving love an idealistic vibe that may need a reality-check. The inclination toward fantasy accelerates toward the middle of the week. By Saturday however, passion and daring merge. Then, earthiness takes over on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: The craving for an intimate connection may collide with the desire to do your own thing this week. Friends may be helpful or distracting concerning your love life. An intimate tryst in a peaceful setting mid-week can bring satisfaction. This weekend, you’re a magnet for romance on Saturday, while a leisurely pace inspires love on Sunday.

Taurus: Others demand your time and expertise this week while love beckons in the background. Finding a balance between work and play will bring fulfillment. Socializing can bring trouble on Tuesday. Friends and group activities bring romance and other opportunities mid-week. You’re hot for an intimate rendezvous on Friday and Saturday. Your sensuality makes you irresistible on Sunday!

Gemini: Your head and heart play tug-of-war this week, leading you in different directions. Seeing the bigger picture of where you’re headed will bring clarity. Romance can be found through a career-related activity toward the middle of the week. Socializing with friends can bring romance on Saturday. A quieter, natural setting fires up passion on Sunday.

Cancer: You may need a change of perspective about relationships to find fulfillment this week. Still, Venus in your sector of romance makes you a magnet for admirers! Romance can be found through a spiritual activity or class mid-week. A courageous act inspires passion on Saturday. A cozy get-together with friends brings joy on Sunday.

Leo: Passion abounds this week, but complications and willfulness can upset love, especially if your expectations are unrealistic. Your imagination can set passion ablaze toward the middle of the week, but try to stay emotionally grounded. An exotic ambiance fans the flames on Friday and Saturday. Taking the lead in love inspires romance on Sunday.

Virgo: Your way with words revs up romance this week, but work responsibilities may get in the way. An intimate tryst fires you up toward the middle of the week, if you can decipher the mixed messages coming your way. Audaciousness heats up passion on Friday and Saturday! A discussion about the future inspires romance on Sunday.

Libra: Romance sizzles with energy this week, but you may be craving something deeper. Looking past appearances will illuminate your love life. Flirting at the gym or at work energizes you mid-week, but you’ll be clear about your intentions. A twosome turns passionate on Friday or Saturday. Your artistry inspires romance on Sunday!

Scorpio: A party for friends can uplift you this week, but Venus in your sign may bring a romantic interlude as well. Your dreamy, creative side inspires romance toward the middle of the week, but love may feel illusive. Some playful teasing heats up passion on Friday and Saturday! A tryst can bring fulfillment on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Flirting brings romance this week, but try not to send mixed messages. Hidden desires simmer (boil?) in the background as well. Creating an enticing ambiance for love sets passion ablaze toward the middle of the week! Romance sizzles on Friday and Saturday, when your charisma kicks into high gear. Getting real about your feelings inspires love on Sunday.

Capricorn: Socializing and cash don’t mix well this week, so be careful when lending (inadvertently donating?) money. A startling conversation brings insights or irritations toward the middle of the week. A trip attracts/inspires romance on Thursday. A party for two sets passion ablaze on Friday or Saturday. Your creativity revs up romance on Sunday!

Aquarius: This week’s light-hearted vibe energizes you, but it may carry heavier emotional overtones as well. Also, networking can bring a career an opportunity. Expressing your appreciation attracts/inspires love toward the middle of the week. Some inventive (naughty?) flirting prompts a lusty interlude on Friday or Saturday. Get physical (massage, food, exercise) to inspire passion on Sunday!

Pisces: An objective analysis of your past can bring some startling insights that improve your love life, this week and beyond. Your mystique draws admirers mid-week, but keep it real. Love may baffle you on Thursday, so seek clarity. A heartfelt gift or gesture revs up romance on Friday and Saturday. Your braininess inspires love on Sunday!

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