Your LOVECAST™: Sensuality Fires Up Desire

Getting physical is the theme for the beginning of the week as sensuality fires up desire. Communications are challenging on Wednesday, but flirting and other brainy interactions are favored on Thursday. During the weekend, Saturday’s afflicted Moon in Cancer can heighten irritations. Sunday’s Moon in Leo, however, takes romance over the top. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Aries: Getting in touch with what’s important to you and expressing your feelings are your focus this week. Discussions about love can bring clarity to your relationship or reveal why you haven’t manifested a compatible partner. This weekend, a family pattern that hinders love may reveal itself on Saturday. Romance is hot on Sunday!

Taurus: Your earthy side heightens passion at the start of the week. Fantasy (or self-deception) is especially strong on Tuesday. Your style makes you a magnet for admirers toward the middle of the week. Miscommunication is likely on Saturday. Showing off your creativity by throwing a party will energize you on Sunday!

Gemini: A peaceful setting can deepen romance at the beginning of the week. Also, doing some soul-searching about what you want in a relationship can bring insights that improve your love life. You’re in the limelight midweek, when your charm is irresistible. Love is unpredictable on Saturday. Flirting sets passion ablaze on Sunday!

Cancer: Socializing accelerates at the beginning of the week. Look for romance during a friendly gathering or community event. Feelings are more inward-focused midweek, when a heartfelt talk can deepen or attract love. However, expressing your feelings may be difficult on Friday and Saturday. Your daring side brings a lusty interlude on Sunday!

Leo: Being genuine both inspires and attracts love at the start of the week. Just watch out for mixed messages on Tuesday. Socializing and networking bring romance and other opportunities mid-week. Strive to sweep away negativity by surrounding yourself with uplifting people and activities on Friday and Saturday. Then you’ll enjoy being the center of attention on Sunday!

Virgo: The theme for this week is exploring and sharing your knowledge and expertise, which can bring you into contact with a potential partner or energize your current relationship. Look for romance during a class, trip or spiritual activity. This weekend, socializing is unpredictable on Saturday. Getting creative in the boudoir intensifies passion on Sunday!

Libra: Analyzing and eliminating any blocks you may have to intimacy is the focus this week. Also, your psychic powers are especially strong toward the middle of the week, so pay attention to your intuition as it guides your direction. Social situations can be chaotic on Friday and Saturday. A group activity brings or inspires a romantic interlude on Sunday!

Scorpio: Twosome energy escalates at the start of the week, but you may need to clear up a misunderstanding on Tuesday. Volunteering for a cause or charity can attract romance on Thursday. Emotional wobbles are likely to unhinge your love life on Friday and Saturday. Romance can be found during a public event on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A down-to-earth approach can inspire a sexy tryst on Monday. Miscommunication with someone close to you is likely on Wednesday, so strive for clarity. Thursday is an excellent day for a relationship discussion (or for flirting with someone new!). Intimacy feels complicated on Saturday. An exotic locale brings/inspires romance on Sunday.

Capricorn: A sexy or soulful message will accelerate romance on Monday. Exploring a new area will inspire or bring romance as well. Love can be found during a work project on Thursday. This weekend, bottling up your feelings may unhinge your relationship on Friday and Saturday, but an intimate rendezvous fires you up on Sunday!

Aquarius: Good food and a peaceful setting rev up romance at the beginning of the week, as long as you don’t make (or imply) a promise you can’t keep. Your way with words will attract or inspire romance on Thursday. You may feel depleted on Saturday, but a date with a lover or close friend energizes you on Sunday!

Pisces: Verbalizing your feelings inspires romance on Monday or Thursday, but you may feel misunderstood on Tuesday, so seek clarity. Although feelings may seem heavy on Friday, a discussion with your partner can have positive results. Your whimsical, creative side ignites romance on Saturday. A dash of drama fires up passion on Sunday!

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