Your LOVECAST™: A Mixed Blessing

The week begins with a mixed blessing. Monday’s New Moon in Leo brings fresh energy to romance, but a troublesome encounter involving Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto can cause extreme behavior in relationships, especially at the start of the week. Fortunately, harmony, cooperation and passion reemerge by the weekend. Best days for socializing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: As Venus takes a hit from Jupiter and Uranus in your sign, the urge to expand your vistas, in love and in other areas, can make you antsy for an adventure. This can either heat up passion or upset your partner, depending on your situation. This weekend, a delightful mix of love and lust energizes you from Friday through Sunday!

Taurus: You may find yourself questioning and analyzing the future of your love life this week as your Venus ruler collides with some abrasive planetary influences. Working through issues from the past can help clarify your needs and desires concerning love. During the weekend, your allure draws admirers on Saturday, and a rendezvous turns hot on Sunday!

Gemini: Socializing is chaotic at the start of the week, when a friend may be unreliable. Fortunately, the New Moon brings out your eloquence and humor when expressing your ideas and feelings, although flirting may not get off the ground before Friday. Your artistry inspires romance on Saturday. Feelings are steamy but complicated on Sunday.

Cancer: Your emotional security may feel shaky at the start of the week. A family member may get on your nerves, too. Expressing your feelings in a balanced but direct manner will help you rise above the turbulence. This weekend, throwing a party can energize you on Saturday. Sunday, however, is a time for intimacy!

Leo: The New Moon in your sign can bring a cycle of personal fulfillment, but first you may need to handle a prickly encounter that leaves you feeling misunderstood. Being objective by not taking things personally will help. During the weekend, flirting brings a romantic opportunity on Saturday. A cozy tryst for two ignites passion on Sunday!

Virgo: The New Moon inspires you to clear away negative feelings from the past, which will help you navigate any troublesome interactions in the romance arena this week. Strive to let love flow by not taking control. An elegant or artsy ambiance inspires romance on Saturday. Your naughty side emerges through your words on Sunday!

Libra: A change in how you perceive commitment awakens new insights this week, which can rattle your love life but may be necessary for your personal growth. Don’t lose your newfound sense of self if you have to strike a compromise with someone. Coming from the heart empowers you during a romantic encounter (and other interactions) this weekend!

Scorpio: Focusing on improving and beautifying your home environment during the New Moon will give you peace of mind if a power struggle arises in a close relationship. Watch out for a misunderstanding on Tuesday, particularly. A serene setting inspires love on Friday or Saturday. Your powers of attraction soar from Saturday night through Sunday!

Sagittarius: Your inner wild child makes you a magnet for admirers, but it might also derail a deeper love connection unless you balance freedom with stability. Strive to see the bigger picture of what you want in a relationship. This weekend, romance can be found in a group gathering on Saturday. Hidden desires emerge on Sunday!

Capricorn: You’ll need to come from a calm and centered place to deal with a relationship challenge, which may involve your living arrangements or career. Fortunately, a fresh perspective may suddenly come upon you, which will help clarify the situation. A friend may be instrumental in bringing romance to your doorstep this weekend!

Aquarius: The New Moon illuminates your partnership sector, which will help you attract someone new or improve your current relationship. You’ll just need to control the urge to be shockingly combative if a conflict arises. Strive for a balanced perspective. This weekend, love may come through a spiritual group, class or public gathering.

Pisces: The mess of conflicting influences this week might actually produce a breakthrough for you concerning an issue that keeps you from enjoying a deep emotional and sexual connection with someone special. So take some time for introspection, especially during the weekend, when insights about your future will come to you.

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