Intense Venus Influences

How can I find true love? That’s the question posed by the powerful Venus influences during the next few days. First, the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Libra can prompt a love-life reality check, because Saturn encourages you to face your relationship fears and illusions so you can attract a compatible partner. Saturn isn’t the most romantic influence, but it is the planet of commitment.

It can bring up issues you need to deal with so you can open your heart to love. What’s more, an opposition from Uranus and a square from Pluto can point out what needs to change in your life so you can attract the right person or improve your current relationship. So during the next few days, think about what you want in a relationship over the long term, and what issues might be hindering your love life. The clearer you are about your relationship aspirations and challenges, the better chance you’ll have of finding happiness in love.

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