Your LOVECAST™: A Sensual, Caring Vibe

A glorious lineup of romantic influences graces this week with lots of love. Moon in Leo fires up passion and creativity at the start of the week. Plus, a Venus-Pluto trine brings out the depth and passion in relationships. Moon in Virgo heightens the sensual, caring vibe toward the middle of the week. On Friday, however, be prepared for some emotional turbulence. During the weekend, Moon in Libra blesses relationships with sweetness, artistry and charm. Best days for socializing: Monday (spontaneous), Tuesday (sexy), Wednesday (earthy), Saturday (loving) and Sunday (enticing).

Aries: Romance escalates at the beginning of the week, especially if you investigate a new or unusual locale or activity. Lending a helping hand inspires love midweek. Romance can also be found during a work project or healthy activity. The Moon lights up your partnership sector this weekend, making it easier to attract/inspire love!

Taurus: Your sensuality attracts/inspires passion at the start of the week. Also, it’s a great time to host a gathering of friends at your home. Romance soars toward the middle of the week as well. Thursday is especially hot! Your creativity makes you a magnet for romance this weekend, so show off your sense of style.

Gemini: Your wit is especially brilliant at the start of the week, which can inspire a fun (spontaneous?) rendezvous. Romance can be found during a class, too. Getting cozy with your sweetie or throwing a party for friends energizes you toward the middle of the week. A creative, original approach to romance ignites passion this weekend.

Cancer: Sharing your feelings in a humorous or daring way fires up romance at the start of the week. A more heartfelt communication inspires love toward the middle of the week. Strive to stay away from conflicts on Friday, when you’ll be irritated easily. Creating an imaginative ambiance and hosting a party will bring delight this weekend.

Leo: You’re positively irresistible at the beginning of the week, especially if you share your originality. Romance might pop up in an unexpected way, so keep your eyes open for someone special (or plan something special with your sweetie). Argumentativeness can disrupt love on Friday. An online flirtation or heartfelt talk may turn into a romantic tryst this weekend.

Virgo: You’re especially intuitive about love at the beginning of the week, so be sensitive to any psychic nudges that come your way. Also, an evening of fine food and music can accelerate passion. Your powers of attraction soar toward the middle of the week, especially on Thursday. An artsy or stylish ambiance inspires romance this weekend!

Libra: A spontaneous or unusual social activity can bring a romantic interlude at the start of the week, especially on Monday. Romance can be found during a community event, too. A natural setting heats up passion midweek. An overreaction is likely on Friday. Moon in Libra says you’ll enchant a lover with your charm this weekend!

Scorpio: Revealing your uniqueness in a dramatic fashion draws admirers at the beginning of the week. Also, look for romance during a work-related activity. Friends bring joy midweek. You may feel strangely unsettled on Friday, so take some quiet time to get centered. An intimate setting inspires a passionate interlude this weekend.

Sagittarius: Love may come from out of the blue (or from afar) at the beginning of the week. Also, a romantic getaway will inspire passion. Love needs a genuine, grounded approach toward the middle of the week. Socializing might get downright weird on Friday. Romance can be found through a friend or group activity this weekend!

Capricorn: A sexy rendezvous will energize you at the start of the week, so make your desires known! Romance can be found while traveling or during a spiritual gathering midweek. An exotic locale will turn up the heat as well. Work may be stressful on Friday. Sharing your brainpower or expertise inspires/attracts romance this weekend.

Aquarius: The Moon blesses partnership activities at the start of the week, so do something fun with your sweetie or be on the lookout for someone new (and compatible!). Getting physical in a natural environment fires up passion midweek. Following your intuition will help you attract romance this weekend, so listen to your inner voice.

Pisces: A courageous approach to expressing your desires inspires/attracts romance at the start of the week. Also, romance can be found while volunteering for a nonprofit organization. A friendly or sexy rendezvous energizes you midweek, so plan something fun with a love or friend. Your way with words, either eloquent or witty, inspires love this weekend.

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