Your LOVECAST™: Enjoying All Things Physical

Enjoying all things physical (food, exercise, sex) is the theme for the start of the week. On Thursday, be aware of the tricky Venus-Neptune opposition, a blissful “I’m in love with love” influence — at least until reality rears its pesky head. Enjoy the bliss, but keep one foot on the ground. During the weekend, Sunday’s New
eclipse in Cancer can take feelings over the top (or over a cliff if you’re on shaky emotional ground). Best days for socializing: Tuesday (earthy), Friday (flirty) and Saturday night through Sunday (sensitive).

Aries: The week starts out with a bang of sizzling energy that heightens your powers of attraction. Socializing soars toward the middle of the week, too, but some mixed messages may arise, possibly from a friend. During the weekend, creating an enticing ambiance for a date with a lover or a gathering of close friends brings satisfaction.

Taurus: Your sensuality injects some fire into socializing at the start of the week. Your creativity and style draw admirers toward the middle of the week, a good time to host a dinner party for friends or a cozy date for two. Verbalizing your thoughts and feelings inspires romance this weekend. A trip can bring romance, too!

Gemini: A peaceful, intimate environment can deepen or attract love at the start of the week. Also, meditation and journaling can bring insights and increase your intuition. Expressing your desires through humor or a heartfelt conversation inspires romance midweek, but keep it real. Feelings escalate this weekend, which can delight or deplete you, depending on the people involved.

Cancer: Putting yourself out there by sharing who you really are can bring romance — and perhaps a career opportunity — at the start of the week. Using your imagination energizes passion midweek, so be daring! This weekend’s New Moon in your sign brings a fresh start in your personal life during the next two weeks (and beyond).

Leo: A glimpse into your future can occur during a quiet interval on Monday if you take the time to listen to your intuition. Your mystique draws admirers toward the middle of the week, but you’ll need to be choosy about who you spend time with. This weekend’s New Moon energizes a hidden desire, perhaps related to the past.

Virgo: At the start of the week, looking at the bigger picture of your love life and other areas will strengthen your direction or reveal a needed change of course. Romance sweeps away your sensible side (in a good way?) toward the middle of the week! Friends and group activities bring joy during the New Moon this weekend.

Libra: A sexy tryst can bring delight on Monday. Your artistry attracts admirers toward the middle of the week, but watch out for mixed messages on Wednesday. Also, a friend, group project, or community event can be instrumental in bringing romance. Sharing your feelings in a social setting inspires romance during this weekend’s New Moon!

Scorpio: Monday starts out hot, but love needs a more leisurely, genuine approach as the week progresses. Be on the lookout for miscommunication with your partner toward the middle of the week, when relationship confusion sets in. Romance (and other opportunities) can be found from afar or through a spiritual activity during the New Moon this weekend.

Sagittarius: Passion soars on Monday, so plan a sexy date with your sweetie or be open to meeting someone new. Romance can be found online or while traveling midweek. An eloquent or whimsical message can also inspire romance. This weekend’s New Moon encourages you to resolve the past and to share your deepest feelings.

Capricorn: Romance is divine at the beginning of the week, when you’ll be especially creative between the sheets. Just be aware of a possible miscommunication that can throw love off track. This weekend’s New Moon energizes partnership activities with your sweetie or may bring in someone new (and compatible!) during the next two weeks.

Aquarius: Flirting energizes you on Monday. Dinner at your abode or in a natural setting inspires passion on Tuesday. Love may seem irrational toward the middle of the week. Being sensitive to other people’s feelings will heighten your understanding. Romance can be found during a charity project or work activity during (and after) this weekend’s New Moon!

Pisces: Using your inner poet to express your feelings brings or inspires love at the beginning of the week. Just be sure you mean what you say. Others may find you elusive toward the middle of the week. Still, sharing your heart will attract or inspire love. This weekend’s New Moon launches a new cycle of romance for two weeks (or longer).

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