Your LOVECAST™: Cerebral Connections

The Moon-Mercury conjunction in Gemini on Thursday (5:30 PDT) favors cerebral connections over emotional depth. Saturday’s New Moon in Gemini also favors using your brainpower to talk, flirt and even argue to get your ideas across. Sunday, however, is all about feelings. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Aries: You’re all fired up to do your own thing, even more so than usual. Focus on exploring new ways to approach love (and life), which includes visiting new locales, meeting new people and embarking on activities that inspire you. The New Moon can bring romance through an online source or while traveling this weekend!

Taurus: Your inner life is being awakened, which can bring a fresh perspective regarding love. It can also make you restless for a change. Take some quiet time to get in touch with your intuition, which will guide your love life (and other areas). This weekend, the New Moon will help you attract a partner who shares your values.

Gemini: Some quirky, unreliable and/or brilliant people will be entering you social circle by the end of the month. Participating in group activities that focus on activism or technology will bring some exciting new friends. What’s more, this weekend’s New Moon in Gemini heightens your magnetism and opens a door in your personal life.

Cancer: Your ability to attract public recognition is being activated this week, which will help you manifest your goals. A new path may await you, especially if you’re stuck in a career rut. Look for romance during career-related activities and through colleagues. This weekend’s New Moon may reignite an old flame. Is there something left unsaid?

Leo: It’s time to broaden your vision of what you’d like in a relationship, which will help you attract true love (or improve the relationship you already have). Romance and other opportunities can be found during a class, trip or spiritual gathering. The New Moon this weekend widens your social circle and brings romance through a group activity.

Virgo: Your sex life is being jump-started this week, making you more aware of your needs and desires, which in turn may ignite an emotional breakthrough. It may be time to break out of your routine in the boudoir and try something new! This weekend, the New Moon can bring romance when you share your expertise with others.

Libra: A monumental awakening that begins this week can accelerate your aspirations regarding a committed relationship. But first you may need to make some needed changes. If you’re already paired, you’ll likely find yourself demanding more freedom and embarking on activities that promote your own personal growth. This weekend’s New Moon will help you attract a spiritually connected relationship.

Scorpio: You may be headed for a change of direction in your work and/or health routine, which will bring in new people (and perhaps a romantic possibility). You may also experience an awakening about your role in helping others, which may prompt you to get involved in a cause. Verbalizing your desires heats up passion during this weekend’s New Moon!

Sagittarius: An electrifying influence is charging up your love life week (and beyond!), making it easier to attract romance. Your desire for people who are offbeat, or at least different from you, indicates you’ll need to weed out some unreliable prospects. This weekend’s New Moon accelerates your ability to attract a committed relationship.

Capricorn: Old family patterns that have held you back are being blown out of the water starting this week. It’s time to take a look at attitudes, habits and emotional blocks that are stopping you from manifesting a compatible relationship. This weekend, the New Moon can bring romance through a healthy activity or work project.

Aquarius: Your powers of attraction kick into high gear this week, making you a magnet for romance and other opportunities. Communication is the key to success, so express your ideas. Romance can be found online or during a trip. This weekend’s New Moon can bring romance during an artsy activity, party, film or concert.

Pisces: Sharing what’s important to you and expressing your appreciation can bring romance during the next two weeks. An unusual moneymaking idea may come to you as well. Enjoying nature inspires/brings romance. This weekend, the New Moon may prompt you to show off your creativity by throwing a party (or hosting a cozy date for two!).

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