Your LOVECAST™: A Love That Penetrates Your Body

Wednesday’s Full moon in sultry Scorpio can deepen your desire for a love that penetrates your body, mind and soul. Just be aware of the jarring Saturn-Uranus opposition, which might toss an unexpected curveball into your plans between now and mid-May. This weekend, playfulness energizes romance on Saturday, while emotional storms can derail love on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries: The Full Moon energizes sexy encounters throughout the week. Not only that, but revealing your feelings can take romance to a whole new level. You may feel a conflict between duty and autonomy, however. This weekend, venturing out into new territory brings romance on Saturday, but practicalities can disrupt love on Sunday.

Taurus: The Full Moon amplifies the connection (and issues) with your partner this week, which can be both a blessing and a test. If you’re solo, you’re likely to meet someone unusual who challenges your values, attitudes or lifestyle. This weekend, your inner wonton inspires passion on Saturday. A probing conversation can clarify/deepen love on Sunday.

Gemini: This week is likely to rattle your sense of security, especially if you’re facing a change. Using your natural adaptability and objectivity will help you stay centered. However, instincts trump objectivity during Wednesday’s Full Moon (a good thing in the bedroom!). This weekend, an adventurous date can bring delight on Saturday. Intimacy is deep/turbulent on Sunday.

Cancer: A sudden insight about your future can set romance on a new (or enhanced) course during the next few weeks. Strive to envision the bigger picture of where you’re headed (and with whom). The Full Moon intensifies your mystique and makes you irresistible! This weekend, being helpful inspires love on Saturday. A clash of wills is likely on Sunday.

Leo: Prioritizing your time is a must in the romance arena this week. Also, an intimate tryst may prompt a surprising insight about your love life. Getting cozy with your sweetie during the Full Moon fires up passion. Throwing a party can bring delight, too. This weekend, your enthusiasm heightens romance on Saturday. Love feels heavy on Sunday.

Virgo: Although the Full Moon can spark some sexy flirtations, you’re likely to face a test of patience and adaptability with romance. Strive to find a balance between commitment/duty and freedom. This weekend, a light-hearted expression of feelings inspires romance on Saturday. A shift in how you view love is likely on Sunday.

Libra: Your natural charm makes you a magnet for romance at the start of the week, while the Full Moon brings out the depth of your feelings all week long. Just don’t let a troublesome work situation unhinge you. During the weekend, your humor revs up romance on Saturday. A relationship power struggle is likely on Sunday.

Scorpio: The Full Moon in your sign is sure to prompt a passionate interlude this week. But first you may need to sort out an inner conflict between security and change pertaining to your relationship (or attitudes about love and commitment). This weekend, getting outdoors inspires romance on Saturday. Introspection brings a profound insight on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Analyzing family patterns over the next few weeks helps set you free emotionally. Wednesday’s Full Moon accelerates passion through some quiet time with your sweetie. Or it may prompt some soul-searching about the past that clarifies your love life. This weekend, your fun-loving energy draws admirers on Saturday. Romance is grounded on Sunday.

Capricorn: A sudden idea or change of attitude can bring about a positive change this week. Also, some inventive flirting (think outside the box!) can prompt a romantic rendezvous. Wednesday’s Full Moon energizes socializing and may bring romance through a friend. An exotic locale fires up romance on Saturday. Going inward will unblock feelings on Sunday.

Aquarius: You may experience a shift during the next few weeks in what’s important to you in a relationship, perhaps pertaining to commitment or money. How free do you want to be? This week, passion is hot and tumultuous because of the Full Moon. A group setting can bring a romantic interlude on Saturday. Love is complicated on Sunday.

Pisces: A test concerning your role in a partnership and/or attitude about shared goals and commitments is likely to arise during the next few weeks. Strive for a balance between idealism and reality. Wednesday’s Full Moon offers a glimpse into the future of your love life. Spontaneity ignites romance on Saturday, but socializing feels somber on Sunday.

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