You Have Everything You Need

If you’re reading this, hit the brakes on your life, get out of the car, and take a deep breath! In a society that picks up pace by the second, people have become disillusioned and have lost track of themselves and what’s important. We have grown to become complainers and default to be emotional victims and the best at making excuses. There is a simple answer as to who’s responsible for your happiness, for your sadness, finding love, getting fired from a job, being prosperous… YOU.

One common denominator of people that can’t find love, keep losing love, or aren’t successful is that they assume no responsibility for their role in it and look to blame someone or something else. Granted we all are dealt different hands in this life, it’s what you do with what you’re given. What people don’t realize is that if you feel you can’t find love or someone to love you, it’s simply because you aren’t opening your eyes.

Generally speaking, people have pre-conceived notions of what love and success are supposed to look like, and expectations of what will make them happy. But the problem with pre-conceived notions is that you end up never seeing what’s in front of your face.

People tend to focus on when their heart gets broken or when someone doesn’t reciprocate love. Think back and try to remember the people that wanted your love that you didn’t reciprocate back … the people who’s heart you broke. What patterns do you see? What lessons can you learn?

If you create a balance sheet, you’ll most likely notice it all evens out. The trick is to reprogram yourself to be free — to recognize love and friendship in it’s truest form. Take responsibility for yourself, think about how you feel and then think about the times you made someone else feel that same way, intentional or not. I firmly believe that we feel suffering, pain, and disappointment so we can grow and understand how our actions affect other people whether we know it or not. Maybe recognizing this will help you grow and learn about yourself.

Don’t mistake loneliness for needing love. When people feel lonely, they think if they could just meet someone, they will magically not be lonely anymore. But, you’ll never find real love, compassion, or acceptance until you are just as happy being on your own as you are with someone special in your life.

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