Your LOVECAST™: Remove Those Rose-Colored Glasses

Monday’s New Moon in Pisces hooks up with Mercury and Uranus to electrify romance throughout the week. Just be sure to remove the rose-colored glasses if you meet someone new. Mercury afflictions can complicate communications on Thursday and Saturday. Still, verbalizing your desires will inspire romance this weekend, if you’re sincere. Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday night, Wednesday, and Friday.

Pisces: An innovative approach to pursuing a dream can pay off during the New Moon (and beyond). In romance, your individuality will energize your love life, so reveal who you really are. Sharing your feelings inspires romance on Friday, but feelings may be baffling on Saturday. A lighthearted date at your home can bring delight on Sunday.

Aries: Subtlety and perceptiveness deepen/attract romance during the next two weeks because of the New Moon. You’ll be especially intuitive about love, too. Passion escalates midweek. Afflicted Mercury in Aries can make it hard to express yourself on Thursday and Saturday. Still, sharing your knowledge and humor (thoughtfully) can draw admirers this weekend.

Taurus: The New Moon brings a new round of socializing during the next two weeks, especially if you seek out new or unusual places and people. Community gatherings can bring romance (and other opportunities) as well. A lusty rendezvous energizes you on Thursday or Friday. A massage, good food, and exercise heat up passion this weekend.

Gemini: Romance can be found through a work-related activity during the New Moon at the beginning of the week. Also, an innovative idea can enhance your career. A group activity brings/accelerates romance on Wednesday, when your flirting skills are hard to resist. You’re a magnet for romance from Saturday night through Sunday, if you rein in rash words.

Cancer: The New Moon may bring romance through a spiritual gathering or cultural event during the next two weeks. Exploring new territories can energize you and attract romance as well. Love flows on Tuesday evening. Argumentativeness can unhinge romance on Thursday. A friendly gathering can bring a romantic interlude on Friday or Saturday afternoon.

Leo: Trying something new during a bedroom romp makes passion sizzle during the New Moon at the start of the week, so get creative. An exotic activity or locale inspires romance on Wednesday, when you’re feeling particularly expressive. A leisurely, physical activity can heighten passion on Thursday through Saturday afternoon. Friends bring joy on Sunday.

Virgo: The New Moon brings a new partnership cycle during the next two weeks, making it easier to meet someone compatible or energize your existing relationship. Expect an enlightening (shocking?) insight about commitment, too. A daring approach ignites passion midweek. Exploring a new location can bring/inspire romance on Friday or Saturday. Naughty flirtatiousness heats up passion on Sunday.

Libra: The New Moon can bring romance through a helpful activity or work project toward the beginning of the week. Also, look for work opportunities during the next two weeks. Intimacy is complicated on Wednesday and hot on Thursday. A little romantic creativity deepens/attracts love on Saturday. Sharing your insights inspires romance on Sunday.

Scorpio: Your romance sector gets a whopping dose of energy from the New Moon, which heightens the chemistry with your sweetie (or someone new) during the next two weeks. Expect your creativity to kick into high gear, too. A sexy rendezvous can bring fulfillment on Wednesday and Friday. Romance is divine this weekend, but watch out for mixed messages.

Sagittarius: Creating an enticing ambiance and doing some entertaining, for friends or just your sweetie, can bring satisfaction during the New Moon at the start of the week (and beyond). Romance escalates on Wednesday, so plan something fun. Love may feel prickly on Thursday. A straightforward talk can clarify/accelerate your love life this weekend.

Capricorn: It’s all about sharing your ideas and insights during the New Moon this week, when unconventional thinking will help your career and/or personal life move forward. Learning something new can inspire/attract romance, too. Expressing what’s in your heart deepens love on Tuesday night. Wednesday and Friday are steamy! A sweet gesture or heartfelt talk inspires romance this weekend.

Aquarius: This week’s New Moon encourages a review and discussion of what’s important to you concerning love. The clearer you are about your values, the better chance you’ll have of attracting a compatible partner. Flirting turns lusty on Wednesday. Getting sensual inspires romance on Saturday, while your brainpower heats up passion on Sunday.

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