Your LOVECAST™: Argumentativeness and Irritations

Venus and the Sun entering Aquarius this week heighten the fun during friendly gatherings. Just watch out for argumentativeness on Wednesday. Irritations can also arise on Saturday, but overall, sensual encounters make passion sizzle this weekend. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Week of January 18 – 24, 2009

Capricorn: A soulful (or flirtatious!) expression of feelings revs up romance toward the beginning of the week, so share what’s in your heart. Feelings are conflicted on Wednesday. A rendezvous at your home can heat up passion on Thursday. You’re feeling lusty on Saturday! A beautiful ambiance revs up romance on Sunday.

Aquarius: Venus entering your sign makes you a magnet for admirers through the rest of January and into February. Love needs a soulful approach at the start of this week. Your sense of humor and brainpower make passion sizzle on Thursday. A party at your abode energizes you and may bring a romantic interlude this weekend.

Pisces: Your mystique makes you irresistible at the beginning of the week, when a romantic rendezvous is likely. Watch your spending on Wednesday. A gesture of appreciation inspires love on Thursday, while your wit and wisdom inspire romance on Friday. Some imaginative words, style and foreplay heat up passion this weekend!

Aries: A touch of fantasy sets romance ablaze at the start of the week, when your intuition is especially strong. A friend may match you up with someone special. You’re likely to be annoyed easily on Wednesday. A sexy tryst can bring delight on Thursday. Expressing your appreciation in a tangible way inspires love this weekend.

Taurus: Look for love during group activities at the beginning of the week, when a social encounter brings a pleasant surprise. Sharing your expertise can bring a romantic interlude, too. You’re feeling strangely antsy on Wednesday and lusty on Thursday. Your naughty side is irresistible on Saturday. Love may baffle you on Sunday.

Gemini: An exotic or adventurous locale can inspire romance throughout the week, when love can be found during cultural events and spiritual activities. Conflict may disrupt a friendly gathering on Wednesday. Your whimsical side inspires romance on Thursday. Words can heighten or upset love on Saturday. A quiet tryst heats up passion on Sunday.

Cancer: Trying something new (or unusual) heats up intimate encounters throughout the week. A spiritual event inspires/attracts romance on Monday or Tuesday. You may feel overly sensitive or combative on Wednesday. A daring approach ignites passion on Thursday. A romantic interlude comes through a group activity or close friend this weekend.

Leo: Aquarius influences inspire twosome trysts (or help you attract someone special) this month. Your ingenuity in the boudoir sets passion ablaze on Monday and Tuesday, so get creative. An exotic ambiance makes passion sizzle toward the middle of the week. Romance soars this weekend, if you can clarify/decode the mixed messages coming your way.

Virgo: A work-related activity can bring a romantic interlude this week. Getting involved in a cause you believe in can bring romance as well. A sexual conflict is likely on Wednesday, but making up will bring delight on Thursday or Friday. Love may come from afar (online flirtation?) or during a class on this weekend.

Libra: Aquarius influences kick romance into high gear throughout the month, so keep your eyes open for someone special (or plan some fun activities with your sweetie). A battle of wills is likely on Wednesday. Courageousness inspires love on Thursday. Your hedonistic side takes passion over the top this weekend — if you avoid a conflict on Saturday.

Scorpio: Your powers of attraction soar at the beginning of the week, when some creativity in the boudoir will ignite a lusty interlude. You’re feeling daring and willful on Wednesday. A twosome tryst (or at least meeting someone new) is likely on Friday. Conflict can prompt a sexy romp on Saturday. Love feels illusive on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Flirting (and other communications) escalate throughout the month, so share your humor and insightfulness. A cozy rendezvous at your home will inspire romance towards the beginning of the week. Your adventurous side can ignite a lusty interlude on Thursday. Passion heats up on Saturday. A natural environment inspires love on Sunday.

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