Your LOVECAST™: Ride Out the Emotional Volatility

The main event this week is Wednesday’s Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius, which prompts some sizzling social encounters – if you can ride out the emotional volatility. Thursday is a delightful time for spiritual and philanthropic endeavors and friendly gatherings. During the weekend, mixed messages can derail love on Saturday, and argumentativeness can unhinge love on Sunday. Best days for love: Thursday and Friday.

Week of August 3 – 9, 2009

Leo: Twosome energy soars during the Full Moon eclipse, so plan a fun date with your sweetie – or be open to meeting someone fabulous. Just try not to overreact to emotional situations. If you’re already involved, talking about your ideals can deepen your bond on Thursday. During the weekend, intimacy is stilted on Saturday but lusty and complicated on Sunday!

Virgo: Look for romance during a work project, or helpful activity during the Full Moon eclipse. A coworker may drive you nuts, though, so strive to stay objective. Keep your eyes open for a job opportunity as well. Your partner may go off the rails on Saturday, but a passionate interlude will heal the breach on Sunday!

Libra: You’re a magnet for romance during the Full Moon eclipse! Creating an enticing environment for love will fire up passion, so share your artsy side. Promoting your creativity can bring satisfaction as well. The eclipse can be unstable, though – so strive to stay centered. This weekend, work can hinder romance on Saturday. Compromise will assist love on Sunday.

Scorpio: Throwing a party will show off your talent for entertaining during the Full Moon eclipse. You may get the urge to redecorate your abode as well. Interactions with family members are also in focus, but an issue may arise to throw you off-balance. This weekend, romance is unpredictable on Saturday. Willfulness can derail love on Sunday.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon eclipse inspires words from the heart – and some sexy communications! A trip for two can inspire romance as well. On the downside, gossip or rash words might be your undoing – so speak wisely! During the weekend, emotional stress can unhinge you on Saturday, but passion lights a fire under you on Sunday.

Capricorn: Your unconventional side inspires passion during the Full Moon eclipse, so share your wild child – both in and out of the bedroom! A moneymaking opportunity may land in your lap as well, but check the facts carefully. During the weekend, argumentativeness can derail love on Saturday. A home or family issue can upset love on Sunday.

Aquarius: The Full Moon eclipse in your sign heightens your powers of attraction. A round of partying is likely – or at least spending time with close friends. Most importantly, seek out people who support your ideals and values, which will help you move forward. This weekend, love seems irrational on Saturday. Hasty words can derail romance on Sunday.

Pisces: Reviewing the past can help you move forward during the Full Moon eclipse. Your intuition is especially strong now, so heed your inner voice via meditation or dream analysis. Just don’t beat yourself up over what could have been. During the weekend, you’re a magnet for romance – and weird people. Choose your companions carefully!

Aries: The Full Moon eclipse energizes activities with friends. Romance can be found during a community event or through a friend. Just be sure to be selective about who you’re hanging out with – because the eclipse can prompt some weird social situations. This weekend you may feel unusually restless on Saturday – and combative on Sunday. Take a breath – and relax!

Taurus: Networking with friends and coworkers during the Full Moon eclipse can bring a romantic interlude or a career opportunity. Socializing is likely to attract people who either support where you’re headed or sidetrack you – so be true to your values. A heartfelt talk can inspire a breakthrough in love this weekend, if you avoid engaging in controlling behavior.

Gemini: Your future is illuminated by the Full Moon eclipse. Listening to your inner voice will guide your direction. Romance can be found while traveling – or during a spiritual gathering. Taking a class with your sweetie will deepen your bond – or prompt a steamy romp afterward! This weekend, love is chaotic on Saturday, and socializing might get weird on Sunday.

Cancer: The Full Moon eclipse energizes intimate encounters – if you let yourself be vulnerable and choose someone who treats you well. Healing old emotional wounds and analyzing your inner life will help you move forward. This weekend, your timing for romance may be off on Saturday. A clash of wills is likely on Sunday.

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