What It’s Like Being an Empath

what's it like being an empath

Not many people know Empaths can feel the psychical as well as the emotional pains of everyone around them. Imagine you’re at a concert having an awesome time, listening and taking in all the music and excitement around you. Ok, now imagine feeling the emotions of the 20,000 people around you screaming and having an awesome time. Let’s say for example a song is playing that reminds the person next to you about a girlfriend they had growing up. You can literally take in and feel the emotions of that person – literally see their memories with this girl you’ve never met.

Face it, if you have an Empath for a friend you really can’t hide a single memory or feeling from them. I should know, my husband is an Empath and I certainly can’t get anything past him. For me personally, because I’m such a strong Empath I take in the emotions of not only the people surrounding me, but usually people in a 200 foot radius or more from where I’m standing. My psychic abilities are so strong at times, no matter how hard I try to shut these emotions and pains of other people out I can’t. Growing up, before I learned to separate these emotions from each other it was overwhelming. Now that I’m older I can help people with their situation because of what I’m feeling as an Empath. Somebody up front near the stage is screaming for the band, I can feel their throat and how hoarse it is, it hurts for me to talk and sing along because I can literally feel that person’s throat and the pain they’re experiencing.

Now at this point you must be wondering if it’s just my emotions, pains and memories that I’ve been experiencing. How can I tell the difference between my emotions and pains versus, the 20,000 screaming people around me? It’s not easy it’s a hard thing to tell which pain, memory and emotion belongs to which person. I learned this through communicating with the people I felt these things from. For example, I turned to that man standing next to me and asked if we could speak after the concert. Sure enough he was amazed I picked up on memory details between him and this woman he met growing up. I was able to give him peace with his situation and explain where the woman was coming from and what she felt growing up. I focus on the pain I’m feeling and really concentrate. Most times, it’s hard for me to tell whether the pain and emotions I’m feeling are my own or if it’s someone else’s pain around me. This only happens when I’m around upwards of 10 different people in a room or event. Otherwise if it’s just myself and a caller I separate the energy pretty easily, and can read into the energy of specific people around a client.

A woman at the mall was looking around frantically for her cell phone that she left behind – I could obviously feel her frustration and anxiety so I read into the situation. I walked up to her and suggested where I felt her cell phone might be, she looked at me like I had three heads or something. Later after I had left the mall I felt her anxiety level decrease as she found the cell phone she was looking for.

My husband, however, is much more experienced with determining who’s emotions and pains belong to which person when there are so many people in a room. I tend to empath so many people at once it’s hard for me to separate who is feeling what. He helps me calm down in scenarios where I’m empathizing too many people at once and tells me which person I’m empathizing. At hospitals when I do this it’s the most horrible feeling imaginable, you can literally feel what everyone in the ER is experiencing. You can even empath those who have passed on. For example if the person died from intestinal problems you can feel the pain that person was experiencing before they died. Try being at the dentist and feeling somebody getting their wisdom teeth pulled out – when you yell out loud in pain for no reason people tend to look at you strange. Anyway, I was in the hospital for a brief period of time, recovering and the nurse walked into the room with me.

She looked upset and I could feel she was extremely frustrated with her children because they weren’t listening to her. I told her that I felt this and picked up on this. I let her know that this was only temporary and her children were just going through their teenage phase. This really put her mind at ease. If one night I’m feeling especially anxious and nervous, my husband will empath me and tell me to calm me down or resolve the situation.

Now for the skeptics out there like “yeah right, this lady is crazy,” if you lived a day in my life you would understand what it’s truly like. This Empath ability could also relate to some basic psychology – people generally want to connect with other people around them, it’s human nature. Whether you’re showing compassion or understanding to a friend or picking up on a coworkers frustrations of late with you. So many people can pick up on the emotions of others without realizing it, your friend starts crying, you start crying with them, you could be empathizing them. This is the beginning stages of unlocking your Empathy abilities.

Because I’m generally compassionate at heart, I can’t shut out people’s emotions completely, I have a subconscious trigger in my mind that compels me to help and feel the emotions of people around me. For the people you do connect with, being an Empath truly gives people closure and peace.

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  1. RG

    I’m reading your posts and they are definetly hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!! But I also feel your frustrations, as I’m in the same boat as yourself. At this point like you said, an email or text would even do. The wait game is horrible, but as the great folks at CP say, its worth the wait. Gina phrashed it wonderfully, “Its not a question of IF, its a question of WHEN.”. And that “when” is what is driving all of us crazy.
    I’ve learned to have more patience and faith, but most importantly I’ve learned to let life happen.
    Its very true that everything happens for a reason, maybe we need to take our time and think this through and figure out if these “men” are who/what we really want? As I’m going through my “weak” moment, I’m doubting if he is who I really want. Then my inside voice tells me to “shut up” and stop doubting myself LOL.
    I suppose thats the case for most of us in this situation.
    Either way, hang in there and I’m sure the results will be positive for everyone (trust me, alot easier said than done)
    keep Smiling,

  2. LORNA ex. 9580

    Dear Crazy,
    You are not a mess, you’re just a soft shell crab. That’s OK! The world can never have too many caring, sensitive softies. So stop baying at the Moon.
    One of my daughter’s and some of my best friends are Cancers. I would love to talk to you!

  3. LORNA ex. 9580


  4. happinessntheworld

    Thank you Miss Krystal for your comment, Yes our world needs happiness, if we can make one person smile in a day, then we have done a world of good. Thanks and keep smiling, Love and Light.

  5. happinssntheworld

    Thank you Fran for your comment, despite the fact I get morning sickness when someone is pregnant I totally feel Blessed. I am very honored to have such an awesome gift and my hope is that I can continue helping others.

  6. happinssntheworld

    Thank you so much Gina Rose for the suggestions, usually when I try to meditate, I hear lots of chatter…or I am so tired that I fall asleep. I will continue with the meditation, I will look into the hypno-therapy this sounds very interesting since I have been hypnotized before, thanks again. Love and Light

  7. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I am very proud of you. the “instructor/professor” in you is just absorbing all of this metaphysical information… I think you should continue to study metaphysical/spirituality etc.
    I really feel it is clicking with you….That is so awesome your guide is talking to you in your dreams! WOW! you are a very sweet spirit…
    Miss Krystal

  8. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Lorna,
    I always had this memory like an elephant thing…
    my mom always told me I was a Moon child…Not by astral symbol, however…It’s because I was born three days after the man landed on the moon!!
    lol My mom being from southern Ill, and just moving here to Los Angeles, well….She was not quite into the, “Hollywood what is your sign thing.”
    I have that elephant memory and I also love treats/sweets/confections…Cheers to the “crabbie” lifestyle lol,
    Miss Krystal

  9. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    of course I do…I am only human and I have had good and bad things happen
    just like everyone else….Part of how I know I am part crab, is it has the same
    letter of carb lol no I am just kidding…Crabs like sweets..hehe no, how I know
    is the memory…Iremember things for other people even. I am sure you
    do.Are you fired up for Mars? I knew a girl that was a cancer with her
    moon in aqua we always went to sci fi films together…She loved
    I miss her. She moved away, too. lol from the crazycancer to the crabbie
    lioness lol I love that!
    Niss Krystal

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Yes. I saw your spirit guide…Very feminine…She is around you, you are
    trying to see her, right now, you can only see her in your dreams. Try to talk
    to her more. Thanks, it always is a pleasure,
    Miss Krystal

  11. Fran

    That did sound kinda weird, huh? Hahahaha! I meant that she went up to that stranger and “layed hands” on her, and my whole body has been ACHING like crazy these last couple of days and I could use some healing myself!! LOL!!
    It is my joy and pleasure in life to make you fall off a chair…LAUGHING of course!!! Hope to get back in touch with you when I come home from my trip next week.
    Maddie & Bella send their love! (Me, too)

  12. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the great conversation, Miss Krystal! I am always glad when I get the chance to talk to you! It seems like we always get cut off too soon, though… 😉
    I will be looking for all of the things you told me about. I know I have to be patient, continue working on things and let come what may.
    The one question I did not get to ask was if my guide communicated with you at all during our reading. You said that there was definitely a ‘female’ spirit there.
    I wish you could meet my daughter just once. She is truly special.
    As always, thanks for everything!!!

  13. crazycancer

    hahaha…YES!! and, i can usually remember the time of day or the day of the week. this is so funny.
    i’m going to call you soon. i’d like you to tap into me. i’m a freakin’ mess. :-p

  14. crazycancer

    yes…sometimes it’s a gift with a cures. i’ve talked with phillip about my situation with my man friend, and he tells me that i need to “be still” and have patience. i really try, but it’s hard for me, cause i do feel the pain that the other person is going through. i can be having a completely happy time out with friends, but something is off and the pain is right there in my heart. i know why it’s there, and it is a terrible feeling. and, i miss him all the time. sometimes, it’s a very hard thing to live with. 🙁

  15. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said to crazycancer
    You are so empathic, what a strong gift, remember your answer (of who you are picking up on) is always always the first impression you receive, it is within doubt that always flub’s us up….
    Blessing Hearts and Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  16. LORNA ex. 9580

    You wish you could run into her in the bathroom??? There’s an ice breaker!
    I fell off my chair laughing when you remarked about Pat Benetar’s goat mouth last month. I chose to behave and keep quiet, BUT YOU DIDN’T! Too funny…..

  17. crazycancer

    ok…so i finally decided to get an account. i ‘ve written here before about being able to feel people’s emotions, and growing up in a friend’s house that was very much alive in the spirit realm. made for very interesting times.
    i believe that i am just an emotional empath, and i unconsciously tap into the emotions of those i am thinking about. i am very much in love with a man, and our relationship just can’t be right now. sometimes i just know when he is thinking about me…and whether or not it’s a happy memory or if he’s sad. i actually feel pain in my heart. i’m always tapped into him, cause his connection comforts me, but i certainly feel the emotions of people around me. i have a friend who has been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and every time we talk about someone we know that is pregnant, i feel her heart break. it kills me. she doesn’t show it, and she is always the first to congratulate with a genuine smile and a hug, but i just feel all her pain. sometimes, i can be sitting on my sofa watching tv, and an emotion will take me over. i’ve started to ask myself who it is, and i usually get a picture of someone’s face in my head. those are usually only sad emotions, though. i just tell them hi in my mind, and ask them to smile. i hope it makes them feel better.
    people that don’t know me think i am very tough and strong, but i am just an emotional mess inside. i’m going to start meditating…i used to do it all the time. i keep reading things from browneyes and thelovelyduck…you guys are very awesome to be around, but i feel like you sometimes are very lonely. smile, i’m thinking about you. 😉

  18. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Corrine Ext. 5194….
    I think it is so interesting that with all the economic, world stuff, people are really seeking answers and approaching Psychics for answers because they feel like they are in great need of a assistance, I love working with CP it is our goal to truly help people gain a higher in site and bring peace into a persons life.
    Blessings and Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  19. Abigail Ext 9570

    Good Morning Miss Krystal,
    As a child the most overwhelming thing for me was the Deja-vous thing. I had a major attraction to Egyptian things, one of my major past lives as I’ve come to find out. For me I knew it, however I did not want to believe it. My grandmother knew though for sure I had abilites, my mother to this day is nervous when ever I give her messages from family memebers that are passed over. She’ll smile but its the nervous laugh that gives it away. LOL My youngest boy Sean is a medium who is working hard at blocking abilites and its not working by the way. He’s one of those that will have it no matter what he does the only difference is will it be the hard or easy way he emraces the gifts he has.
    Many Blessings

  20. Fran

    Hi happinessntheworld!
    I wish I could run into you in the bathroom, or ANY room, for that matter! LOL! Sounds like you are blessed with an awesome gift. I hope you can continue to help others.

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    A lot of psychics, as children, had wonderful memories…It can be
    shocking..I havestunned people on the things I can remember….But then,
    when you get older, there are some things you wished you did not remember lol
    A lot of people have a lot of thingsrevealed to them in dreams. I
    would be more than happy, when you are ready, to give you aninterpretation
    on what your dreams are telling you. I have a lot of people who call just for
    this…And I can actually tell them what they are predicting, per their
    You are very lucky to have your child/guide….I have helped my mom a
    lot…She doesn’t have my abilities, but she knows I can get to the core of
    things…I am sure you will be very informed as the years go on, with your
    intuitive/psychic child….
    Miss Krystal

  22. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Abigail…I think it is so interesting how as kids we handled our psychic abilities…I thought everyone was the same as a kid lol It was funny, too, I started to catch on around 8th grade….I really was for sure at 16.
    All my friends in HS appreciated this about me…Hugs,
    Miss Krystal

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi happinessntheworld,
    Best place to start….learn how to quiet the mind and meditate…..I’ve trained psychics for 28 years now…..it’s imperative to learn meditation techniques first….
    You are a double empath with enormous healing abilities…practice makes perfect. My Guides also say that hypno-therapy is an area in which you would do well in.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  24. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Miss Krystal!
    Not that I am biased or anything, but my beautiful girl is AMAZING! Students, staff and faculty alike flock to her when she comes to work with me. I have former students who come to visit me or call just to find out how she is…LOL! Others just love to be around her…not that I can blame them…
    Yes, she does have an incredible memory. There are things that she will ask me about or remind me of, and if I don’t remember what she is talking about she explains this long chain of events/people/etc until I get it. I feel senile at times because her memory is so much better than mine! LOL!
    You would know what I mean if you met her just once…that’s all it takes. 😉
    Lise 🙂

  25. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Merry Meet,
    Emotional empaths only feel emotions…..physical empaths pick up on physical pain or physical sensations….example: your knee hurts/MY knee hurts.
    I’m a double empath , the second function,…the physical empath skills I cannot use on this line as we cannot do medical reads….I use it for private Doctor patients sent to me….along with listening for energy,I can feel their pain as well.
    Do you practice solitary ??? or with a coven????
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  26. Corrine Ext. 5194

    I can feel your daughter just from you describing her and everything and it’s exactly how I felt growing up at that age. If you can teach her to meditate, light a white candle for her and have her think about everything she loves in life all her favorite things. It will take her mind off things and draw infinite positivity into her life. Light it before bed and make it a nice little fun activity, add a prayer into the mix if you want. Both of you can pray for positivity and good energy to come to her when she feels overwhelmed because she’s an empath. The best thing to do would be tell her she’s an empath and that’s why she feels this way. Explain it’s something special not everyone has and how much good can come from it. If she can communicate with her guides and guardians they can explain everything to her, and why she feels this way and how to use it. Lighting the candle and letting words, images, etc come into her mind is a good way for her to connect with her guides. It’s a fun experience to play around with.
    -Corrine Ext. 5194

  27. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Thanks so much for the input and advice, it might be good for me to learn to shut things out a little bit and concentrate more on my own personal stuff. It’s hard because your intuitive you can’t help it, like a itch you have to scratch or something. In your years of experience
    I always read into a person’s situation before I mention anything psychic, it’s first on my list to make sure they would be ok with the idea of something psychic before I mentioned it. People’s reactions are generally the same though regardless, I will try to improve my communication and work more discretely with a smile to help people out. Let’s lift the vibration of the planet everybody!!
    Hearts and Hugs back!
    -Corrine Ext. 5194

  28. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Thank you for the input and kind words. I’ve been a practicing wiccan for quite some time actually, August 7th should be the anniversary of my dedication. Anyway, I’ve never heard the term double empath before, does that mean like the emotional and the psychical, or is that like empathizing two people at once? I would really like to hear more about this. Blessed be and love and light to you as well.
    -Corrine Ext. 5194

  29. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi there Quack!
    You mean your little shirley temple girl is also a psychic child? Wow!
    When I was a kid, I thought everybody was psychic…You can still be naive….
    I was just a kid…But when I think back, I can see so many situations where I was using my abilities….It’s interesting…I bet she has a great memory!
    Miss Krystal
    PS cheers to the teddy’s and quack quacks

  30. happinessntheworld

    Thanks for your article, which makes a lot of sense to me. I was really able to relate to the article.
    I am a bit empathic and it has become a joke at my place of employment. I usually have morning sickness when someone is pregnant. It has been funny for me because I usually know someone is pregnant before they know. The only issue for me is that there are times I cannot pinpoint the person. How can I increase my empathic abilities? I am very compassionate when it comes to people and animals and would like to do my part in this world.
    Another incident for me was when I was at a dance club one evening when I saw a lady in the bathroom who looked like she was in a lot of pain. I felt the need to go ask her if she was ok. She stated that her back was hurting, well I asked if I could lay my hand across her back, I told her I was a massage therapist and thought I could give her a little relief, she agreed. Where this came from, I have no idea but I told her I thought her pain was coming from her belly. Well come to find out she had surgery the week before. I asked if I could put my hand on her belly and she agreed, by this time I had one hand on her back and one on belly. All of a sudden I get the urge to tell her what she is holding on to she needed to let go….she gave me a surprised look and then whispered she was seeing a married man. Again, I told her that she needed to let go what she was holding onto….then I left, I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries. I didn’t see her the rest of the evening. This surprised me and honestly am usually second guessing myself. However, I want to enhance my ability, so I am open to suggestions and appreciate any comments. Thank you, Love and Light.

  31. Abigail Ext 9570

    As a teen I would get so upset about concerts I could never enjoy them I was always so over whelmed then I learned why….EMPATHIC. People are drawn to me so I protect myself and energy when ever I am in public. I learned how telepathic I am by sheer accident. In my mind I would be saying to the women in the water aeorobics class you are too close to my space could you move please and it would be like the parting of the red sea ….then I’d say thank you ! It works
    Many Blessings

  32. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Miss Krystal ext 9192….
    Hey Cutie Girl….
    I is so easy to shift energy, people are going through such difficult times that this is why we who are empathic can really make a difference, we have the gifts and ability to change moods of everyone we come in contact with, happiness and a higher vibrational energy is very contagious.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  33. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the article, Corrine! It was insightful and helpful to me because I am very sure that my daughter is an empath. She is always tuned into what other people are feeling.
    Even before she could really talk and express her own feelings, she would react to other people. Anytime she would hear another little kid crying or screaming, she would get this look on her face and say, ‘Awwwww. Poor baby.’
    Back then, I just thought it was because she could hear them. After she started preschool, her teacher told us that she has never seen anyone, child or adult, as able to empathize with others. There have been a few incidences where she has amazed me with just how much she can pick up on.
    Thanks for helping me to understand what it is like for an empath!

  34. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472…. said,
    Love your article Corrine, I have learned through out the years to enjoy where I’m at and not look at everyone when I do it feels like I’m playing in the Matrix and that my dear can really mess with someone head.
    You are very courageous for just openly talking to someone about what may be bothering them, where I live you wouldn’t do that with fear you may be hung, I do look at others which they may be experiencing and do switch there energy as much as I may have control to do so, by simply being nice to them, giving them a smile, this will cause a chain of events, then therefore lifting the vibration of the planet, it’s very simple….
    Great Article,
    Blessings, Hearts and Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  35. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Merry Meet! Corrine,
    You expressed an interest in Wicca so I greeted you in the Wiccan tongue….
    You wrote an excellent article……keep up the good work .
    I, myself, am a double-empath….with the grand trine of water in my chart…I feel everything. Mt Mars and Moon are in the sign of Pisces in the house of Scorpio. And I am Cancer rising.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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