Your LOVECAST™: A Creative Cycle of Opportunities

This New Moon begins a creative cycle of opportunities in love. See how to use other people’s drama and delight to your advantage. In DreamCast, does a dream of monetary gain secure the dreamer’s financial future?

Week of February 2 – 8, 2008

Aquarius: Lust and intellect collide on Saturday. Love blooms in a serene ambiance on Sunday, when your intuition is heightened. Your magnetism skyrockets on Tuesday, so share your feelings and ideas! Wednesday’s New Moon in your sign can help you manifest your dreams. Reveal your ideals and insights to heighten romance on Thursday and Friday.


Pisces: Love is chaotic on Saturday. Romance blooms through a friend or group activity on Sunday, so get out there and socialize! Meditate for answers on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings insights about the past and heightens your intuition. Your flair for fantasy inspires passion on Thursday and Friday, when your powers of attraction are enhanced!

Aries: Freedom inspires (or unhinges) romance on Saturday. Love needs thoughtfulness and consistency on Sunday. Tuesday is a great time for professional or personal networking. Wednesday’s New Moon brings new friends and social activities. Love is dreamy on Thursday, so share your ideals. A sudden insight about a past relationship may surprise you on Friday.


Taurus: Love feels out of control on Saturday. Romance deepens by sharing insights (and more physical things!) on Sunday. Your earthiness inspires lust on Monday. Start promoting your career objectives on Tuesday, because Wednesday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of career opportunities. Socializing with friends may bring an unexpected romantic encounter on Thursday or Friday.


Gemini: Reckless abandon heightens (or derails!) love on Saturday. Slow down to enjoy intimacy on Sunday and Monday. Contacts from afar can assist you on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon heightens your faith and reveals your future path. Reveal your feelings to inspire love on Thursday. Romance is spontaneous and unpredictable on Friday.


Cancer: Physical activities (gym, snowboarding, hiking) intensifies passion on Saturday. A relationship blooms or deepens on Sunday. A rendezvous for two can bring delight on Monday. Reveal your needs in the bedroom on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon electrifies intimacy and encourages emotional healing. Use your imagination to heighten lust on Thursday and Friday!


Leo: A conflict may turn passionate on Saturday. A leisurely exploration of your partner heightens lust on Sunday! A twosome tryst sizzles on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of partnership activities that can deepen your relationship. Your sense of drama inspires an intense bedroom romp on Thursday or Friday.


Virgo: Love is complicated on Saturday, when you’re irritated easily. Your sensuality ignites lust on Sunday and Monday. Your braininess can bring you rave reviews at work on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon energizes your diet and exercise program. A rendezvous for two brings deep feelings to the surface on Thursday or Friday, so reveal your heart.


Libra: A heated discussion stimulates you on Saturday. Good food, sexy caresses and other earthly delights inspire lust on Sunday. Romance sizzles on Tuesday and during Wednesday’s New Moon, which revs up romance and energizes your creativity. A mixture of artistry and spirituality inspire a soulful, romantic rendezvous on Thursday or Friday.


Scorpio: You’re lusty and impetuous on Saturday. A combination of sexiness and insightfulness heats up passion on Sunday. Your unconventional side may inspire an intriguing romantic connection on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon awakens your talent for creating a luscious home ambiance for entertaining. Your creativity in the bedroom (think fantasy) heightens passion on Thursday and Friday!


Sagittarius: You’re hot for an adventure on Saturday! Get physical to heat up passion on Sunday. Spontaneous flirting revs up romance on Tuesday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings opportunities through talking, emails, flirting and advertising. A quiet ambiance at home inspires romance on Thursday. Surprise your sweetie with a home-cooked dinner for two on Friday.


Capricorn: Small irritations unhinge you on Saturday. Your powers of attraction soar on Sunday, a great time for a twosome! Your charisma gets you noticed on Monday. Wednesday’s New Moon brings an exciting cycle of moneymaking opportunities. Love is soulful and needs sensitivity on Thursday. Use subtle flirting techniques to initiate a romantic rendezvous on Friday!

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