Your LOVECAST™: Feelings are Deep and Tempestuous

Flirting heats up at the start of the week, although talk turns serious on Tuesday. Feelings are deep and tempestuous mid-week. Drama energizes romance this weekend, but a Mars-Saturn opposition can put a damper on sexy trysts, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Patience will help reignite the flame.

Week of March 30 – April 5, 2009

Aries: You’re especially amusing and insightful on Monday, so flirt to your heart’s content and promote your ideas. Paying attention to details can bring relationship clarity on Tuesday. Family may drive you nuts mid-week. Your creativity inspires love on Friday. Romance feels out of reach this weekend, when love plays hard to get. Be patient.

Taurus: Expressing your feelings makes love bloom at the beginning of the week. Argumentativeness can unhinge love on Wednesday. Sexy talk makes passion sizzle on Thursday! Share your daring side to rev up romance on Friday. Relationship ideals and reality clash this weekend. A gathering of friends helps you recharge.

Gemini: Your cleverness makes you the center of attention on Monday, but a grounded approach to discussions is needed on Tuesday. A clash with your sweetie over money may ensue mid-week. A romantic getaway can set passion ablaze on Friday. Expressing what you feel is the key to solving relationship challenges this weekend.

Cancer: Naughty talk prompts a passionate interlude on Monday. A clash between head and heart can disrupt love on Tuesday. Feelings are out of control on Wednesday. You’re hot for a sexy romp on Thursday and Friday. Analyzing the future of your relationship and seeing the bigger picture of where you’re headed brings clarity this weekend.

Leo: Romance can be found through a friend or group activity on Monday. Analyzing love brings clarity on Tuesday. Look inward to remove blocks to love mid-week. Romance is on fire on Friday, so plan a rendezvous with your sweetie! An issue about values or money can irritate you this weekend. Expressing your heart will get love back on track.

Virgo: Promoting your ideas at work at the beginning of the week can bring you recognition (and perhaps a romantic interlude, too). A disagreement with a friend or group may throw you off balance mid-week. A quiet rendezvous sparks a passionate romp on Friday. Need versus want frustrates you this weekend. Lighten up and have some fun!

Libra: Share your vision and expertise to inspire romance at the start of the week. A trip for two can also rev romance up. A clash of wills with your boss is likely mid-week. Your style attracts admirers on Friday. Inner angst about what could have been may dampen your weekend. Friends will help you see the blessings in disguise.

Scorpio: Salacious talk or texting energizes you on Monday. Feeling vulnerable can make you unreachable on Tuesday and Wednesday. Expressing feelings is much easier on Thursday, so open your heart. Intimacy fires you up on Friday. A clash of social priorities (and pesky friends) can frustrate romance this weekend. Try to be flexible.

Sagittarius: A discussion with your sweetie at the start of the week can take your relationship to the next level – if you don’t promise more than you can deliver. Feelings are chaotic mid-week. An exotic ambiance revs up romance on Friday. The feeling of walls closing in on you this weekend can make you want to flee. Stop running and take a breath!

Capricorn: A scrumptious dinner for two at your home inspires romance on Monday. A clash of wills with your partner is likely on Wednesday, but making up realigns your love on Thursday. Intimacy deepens on Friday, so focus on expressing your heart. Limitations that seem to hinder love’s future arise this weekend. Take some quiet time to renew and recharge.

Aquarius: Your charm and creativity make you the center of attention at the beginning of the week, so express yourself! Meditating on the past brings insights that can open your heart to love mid-week. Romance sizzles with your partner on Friday. Vulnerability can make you run from intimacy this weekend. Sharing your feelings will reconnect your bond.

Pisces: Be open to a moneymaking idea that comes to you on Monday. Your partner may misread your feelings on Tuesday. A change in how you see your future can shift your perspective about love mid-week. Use your imagination to heighten romance on Friday. Reality comes crashing down on love this weekend. Sharing your dreams will reawaken your flame.

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