Tough Psychic Love

When people are in emotional pain they just want life to hurry up and change their life – fast! But change doesn’t necessarily mean relief. The way things usually work, when it comes to life lessons, is that the quicker you learn from a difficult situation the quicker things change, Reed ext. 5105 philosophizes. “When people are cloudy about what they may have gained from their circumstances and can’t find a bright spot – even the tiniest one – there’s the danger of not seeing the bigger spiritual picture.”

Reed had a client who needed to learn to be independent and not lean on the men in her life whether they were good for her or not. He could see in her readings that she had lived with her parents until she got married, and didn’t get a divorce until she was sure there was another man she could move in with.

Anya (not her real name) called Reed crying hysterically late one night, threatening to hang up if he didn’t have good news for her. She knew what she wanted to hear, before she dialed the phone. But, the universe, it turns out, had other plans for this caller, tells Reed.

“If you want to call someone to tell you what you want to hear, try someone else,” the psychic suggested in a straightforward manner. “Actually the good news is that he’s not coming back!”

“I want good news!” Anya insisted through her uncontrollable sobbing.

“It’s really not going to happen, you need to be prepared. Take a deep breath… you’re so upset that maybe if we break things down one at a time it would help.”

“Okay, I’m breathing…but I still want him back,” Reed’s caller continued to insist, as her crying subsided.

“You don’t need this guy back. I’m getting the impression that there were times when he said very hurtful and destructive things to you. There’s a better life for you,” Reed said soothingly. However, Anya’s response was to hang up the phone.

Reed was surprised when a few days later Anya called again, saying “I really need some good news soon. Maybe you can tell me when I’ll find happiness.”

Reed again saw that there was more to her story. “Let me ask you a question – don’t answer me, just think about this yourself. Do you really want to be in this relationship or be alone and open to a better life?”

“Excuse me,” Anya responded abruptly, “but just how is that good news? I can’t think of a reason to get up in the morning… all I do is go to my awful job and until my boyfriend comes back I have to put in more hours or move. I really, really hate my life.”

“There’s a better job out there for you,” Reed knew.

“A better job! I’m lucky to have this one in this economy.”

“Look, Anya, if you put in just a little effort, there’s a job out there that will make you very happy. It pays more, and you won’t be doing the kind of backbreaking work I see you doing now,” the psychic predicted. “I see you managing people, doing detail-oriented scheduling and using your people skills. You have great people skills, you know.”

“Oh, what you’re seeing is just my charity work. I’ve been co-running a food bank through my church. People do tell me I’m good at it. It’s the only thing that feels good in my life – now that I think about it.”

Reed suggested that Anya write up a new resume and get some of the people involved in the charity to write referrals for her.

A week later, Anya called sounding like a new person. “My pastor helped me write a new resume based on my charity work. I can’t believe this is my resume. And, it’s all true.”

Reed and Anya went to work looking at each job posting she found interesting, individually. He felt the customer service position they saw, was probably the one she would get, but suggested that she apply for all three jobs. Before Anya ended the call, she asked about her boyfriend coming back, somewhat hesitantly.

“New job, new boyfriend,” Reed predicted.

“I got the customer service job!” Anya reported on her next call to the Clairvoyant. “And, there’s this guy, his name is Jonah, who works on another floor. Oh, I guess you don’t think I’m ready yet… but, I do see that I’m way overqualified for my old boyfriend,” she laughed. “I guess I was afraid of being alone.”

Reed was thrilled to hear her change of heart, knowing that she both deserved and would meet someone better for her. “He’ll email you. Yes, email! He knows how to find you. I get sparks!”

“Do you think Jonah’s the one?”

“That’s up to both of you,” he answered, adding how, once you take control of life, it’s amazing how the future just seems to roll along. “I definitely see potential. He lines up with your energy. Yes, there is potential.”

“Cool. Did I ever tell you how great I feel after I talk to you? I’ll call you when I get Jonah’s email.”

“It feels so good to be able to help clients work through change,” Reed reveals. “Sometimes a caller just needs a pep talk to get things sorted out, and other times they may have to work to find their bright spot – but it’s always there.”

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