Your LOVECAST™: Baffling Communications and Foggy Feelings

Baffling communications and foggy feelings can upset love at the start of the week. Fortunately, passion begins to heat up after Thursday’s New Moon in fiery Aries. Then romance simmers with sensuality during the weekend!

Week of March 23 – 29, 2009

Aries: You may feel less than confident at the beginning of the week because of unresolved feelings from the past. Take some quiet time for reflection. Thursday’s New Moon in Aries starts a new cycle that can help you manifest your aspirations. Rash words disrupt love on Friday. A leisurely approach to romance heightens lust this weekend!

Taurus: Socializing can bring some strange people into your life at the start of the week, so choose your companions carefully. A friend assists you unexpectedly mid-week. The New Moon on Thursday brings out your daring side over the next two weeks, so express yourself! Your innate sensuality makes you irresistible this weekend.

Gemini: Flirting or arguing with a colleague can backfire at the start of the week, so speak wisely. Show off your brilliance mid-week. Thursday’s New Moon accelerates socializing by bringing in new friends and professional contacts. Look for romance during a group activity on Friday. Heartfelt words in a serene environment inspire love this weekend!

Cancer: Feelings are stilted at the start of the week. Try not to overact to the crazy-making behavior of someone close to you. A psychic hunch guides you in love on Wednesday. The New Moon on Thursday heralds a new career cycle, so be clear about your goals. Romance can be found through a friend or community event on Saturday or Sunday.

Leo: Love seems illusive at the beginning of the week, so seek clarity. A revelation about your sex life may surprise you on Wednesday. The New Moon on Thursday ignites your need for adventure, so plan a getaway with friends (or a trip for two!). Just be mindful while traveling on Friday. Being genuine and down-to-earth inspires love this weekend.

Virgo: You’ll need to stay rational when your partner goes off the rails at the start of the week. Fortunately, a spontaneous romp in the boudoir on Wednesday can help set things right. Thursday’s New Moon encourages resolving relationship issues so you can heighten intimacy. Your adventurous side inspires passion this weekend, so be daring!

Libra: An issue about responsibility can upset your relationship at the beginning of the week. A flirtation at work either delights or rattles you mid-week. A new partnership cycle begins with the New Moon on Thursday, so focus on deepening your relationship (or attracting a new one!). Think massage oil and candles to fire up passion this weekend.

Scorpio: Romance is prickly at the start of the week, when a commitment issue may arise. Love is delightfully unpredictable mid-week. Your creativity is on fire, too. The New Moon on Thursday brings new work opportunities – and brings out your lustiness as well. Argumentativeness can derail love on Friday. A romantic tryst turns into a sexy romp on Saturday or Sunday.

Sagittarius: Chaos surrounds your personal life at the start of the week. The urge to change your living arrangements may arise mid-week. Thursday’s New Moon inspires your creativity, both in and out of the bedroom, setting romance ablaze! Just watch out for a clash of wills on Friday. A natural environment makes romance sizzle this weekend.

Capricorn: A heated contretemps can clear the air at the start of the week. An unusual idea that comes to you mid-week may be worth pursuing. A spontaneous expression of love energizes romance on Wednesday. Thursday’s New Moon favors creating a beautiful ambiance for entertaining. Romance beckons this weekend, so follow your heart!

Aquarius: A clash of values or squabble over money can disrupt love at the beginning of the week. You’re especially psychic on Wednesday, so listen to your inner voice. The New Moon on Thursday ignites your braininess, so share your insights, promote your ideas and flirt to your heart’s content! Entertaining friends (or just your sweetie) brings delight this weekend.

Pisces: Your emotional equilibrium is off kilter at the start of the week. Your innovative side shines on Wednesday, but others may find you unpredictable. The New Moon on Thursday encourages you to speak your mind and heart. It may bring a financial opportunity, too. Revealing your wit and wisdom can accelerate romance this weekend.

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