DreamCast: A Mermaid Oracle

Is it possible to dream of future lives as well as travel to other planets in dreams? I have had some dreams that seem like past lives woven into silly dreams, but felt all too familiar. I was called Celestina or Cerestina in a dream once by a stranger. He thought I was a mermaid oracle, whatever that means.


Jasmine in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Hello Jasmine,

I think it’s entirely possible to travel to other planets while in the dream state. Dreams are often reflections of our astral body’s adventures that take place while we’re asleep. And because we’re not limited by time and space in other dimensions, I think we can time-travel to other lifetimes as well. You indicated you’re an Aquarius, the Water-bearer, so it’s interesting that a dream character called you a mermaid oracle – kind of a close association there. Water symbolizes emotions, while an oracle is a divine communicator. Part of your destiny may be to offer your expertise and wisdom to others, especially on an emotional level. Perhaps it’s time to get in touch with your inner oracle!

Sweet dreams,

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