Your LOVECAST™: Rattled Nerves and Disrupted Plans

Tuesday’s wicked Full Moon collides with Saturn and Uranus to rattle nerves and disrupt plans during the start of the week. Overreactions are likely, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Fortunately, feelings regain some balance mid-week. Then the weekend brings some lusty interludes – enjoy!

Week of March 9 – 15

Pisces: If people around you seem to have gone off the rails during the Full Moon, know that your equilibrium will be back on track by mid-week (or at least by the weekend), so strive to remain centered until then. Your artistry makes love bloom on Wednesday and Thursday, so be creative! Intimate encounters are soulfully sensual this weekend.

Aries: The Full Moon creates some stress at work during the beginning of the week, which can deplete your energy, so take some time to recharge. Fortunately, partnership activities give you a positive lift mid-week, although a compromise may be needed on Wednesday. Then passion makes you especially daring in the boudoir this weekend!

Taurus: The start of the week is a prickly time for romance because of the erratic Full Moon. On a positive note, a creative breakthrough is possible. Show off your style to attract romance mid-week. Your artistry revs up your powers of attraction on Friday, too. A twosome encounter can get intense this weekend, so lighten up and have some fun!

Gemini: Your family or career creates some stress during the Full Moon at the start of the week. Take some quiet time to get centered. Romance escalates on Wednesday. A trip or class can inspire love on Thursday and Friday. Promote your creative projects then, too. Desire overpowers logic to create some fireworks this weekend!

Cancer: The Full Moon derails communications at the start of the week, so think before you speak. Be careful while traveling, too. Create an enticing ambiance for entertaining (for two?) mid-week. A cozy tryst can turn passionate on Friday as well. Your lusty side comes out to play this weekend, when a trip can heighten romance!

Leo: The Full Moon at the beginning of the week can be a tricky time for financial decisions. Friends bring fun and insights on Wednesday. A rendezvous for two energizes you on Thursday. Love blooms in an artistic ambiance on Friday. Passion collides with willfulness this weekend, but an intimate, homey tryst can make things right!

Virgo: The urge to take extreme measures in your personal life at the start of the week comes from the unpredictable Full Moon. Take some time to think things through. A heartfelt gesture makes love bloom mid-week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity, too. The weekend brings out your naughty side and makes you especially creative in the boudoir!

Libra: The Full Moon can make you antsy at the start of the week. Focus on eliminating any fear or negativity that may be throwing you off balance. Your artistry and brainpower draw admirers mid-week. An innovative idea can bring you recognition on Thursday. A soulful rendezvous with a lover or good friend brings fulfillment this weekend.

Scorpio: The Full Moon brings some weird people or situations into your life at the beginning of the week, so choose your companions carefully. A peaceful, romantic ambiance and words from the heart can accelerate love mid-week. Passion sizzles on Friday night! The Moon in your sign this weekend heightens your charisma (and sensitivity) in love.

Sagittarius: Chaotic situations can prompt some impulsiveness during the Full Moon at the start of the week, so get centered before taking action. Socializing with friends can bring romance and other opportunities mid-week. A surprise may await you on Thursday. A quiet tryst for two in a peaceful locale makes love bloom this weekend!

Capricorn: The Full Moon may prompt an inner battle between security and taking a risk. By mid-week, you’ll be coming from a more centered place from which to make decisions, especially about your career. An eloquent gesture of appreciation inspires love on Wednesday or Thursday. A lengthy, leisurely bedroom romp sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Aquarius: You may feel like busting through an unseen barrier (finances? relationship?) during the Full Moon at the beginning of the week. You’ll have a clearer view of the bigger picture and the choices you have by mid-week. Romance should get on a positive track, too. The weekend brings out your deepest instincts to make passion sizzle – if you avoid a clash of wills.

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